Elizabeth Warren’s plan for a Green New Deal will spend upwards of $100 billion of U.S. taxpayer money to build infrastructure in foreign countries, according to an analysis released today by the Warren campaign.

The analysis, conducted by the progressive think tank Data for Progress, provides further insight into a pillar of Warren’s Green New Deal plan which she titles the Green Marshall Plan. Warren has kept the details of her Green Marshall Plan vague, with her website stating only that it “includes a new federal office dedicated to selling American-made clean, renewable, and emission-free energy technology abroad and a $100 billion commitment to assisting countries to purchase and deploy this technology.”

However, today’s release of the new analysis makes clear that Warren seeks to achieve this goal mainly by using U.S. taxpayer dollars to pay for infrastructure projects in other countries.

Here it is straight from the Memo released by Warren’s own campaign:

“As with the original Marshall Plan, this may initially function largely as aid to countries rebuilding their infrastructure to address climate change.”

Using $100 billion in taxpayer funds to build infrastructure outside the United States should raise the eyebrows of every American taxpayer. For context, total revenues in 2018 to our own Highway Trust Fund only totaled $41 billion. Yet under a Warren presidency, the U.S. will spend twice this amount on infrastructure projects for foreign countries.

Given the U.S. Highway Trust Fund is currently projected to have a cumulative revenue shortfall of $74.5 billion by 2025, Elizabeth Warren should be asked to explain why her plan would use $100 billion on the infrastructure of other countries.