FOMC Chair Yellen Answers a reporters question by Federal Reserve is licensed under Public Domain

Biden tax increases:

President Biden last week said twice that he would let the entire Tax Cuts and Jobs Act expire and die if he wins a second term.

Question: Is the President aware that this Biden action will raise taxes on Americans making less than $400,000?

Question: TCJA nearly doubled the standard deduction for taxpayers and roughly 90% of all filers claim the standard deduction. How many Americans would see their tax liability increase if TCJA expires?

President Biden’s budget calls for a top capital gains rate of 44.6%, the highest since the tax was created in 1922. This is also twice as high as China’s 20%.

Question: Does Biden believe a record-high capital gains tax will increase or decrease investment in America?

Biden’s budget calls for $5 trillion in higher taxes.

Question: Does the President believe $5 trillion higher taxes is what this country needs right now?

U.S. Tax Sovereignty

President Biden is already eroding American tax sovereignty with Pillar 1 and Pillar 2. Now there is a movement among other nations to yoke America into a third pillar: a global wealth tax.

Question:Can you commit to keeping America out of this cartel?

President Biden’s budget proposed a global minimum tax of 21%, notably hire that the current OECD proposed rate of 15%. This would prevent the U.S. from cutting the corporate rate further.

Question: Why is the president proposing proposing a hire tax rate that than the OECD is?

Direct File

IRS chief Werfel repeatedly asserted to congress and the American people that the IRS was simply doing a “Direct File” feasibility study as authorized by the Inflation Reduction Act. He assured congress and the American public that he would wait for the report and “reflect” with congress before making any decisions.

In reality, the IRS was secretly working the entire time on building a prototype software system with plans for a 2024 launch, as revealed in a Washington Post scoop on May 15, 2023.

Question: Were you aware that the IRS and the White House were building the Direct File prototype system? Why didn’t you or Werfel tell this committee about that?

Question: Do you agree that the IRA did not authorize a direct pilot program? What specific statute in the tax code gives you the authority to develop a direct file pilot program?

IRS thief Charles Littlejohn

How many individuals and entities had their information stolen? What is the exact number of each?

Question: Can you confirm the thief worked for Booz Allen Hamilton while he committed the theft?

IRS recently inked a contract worth up to $2.6 billion with Booz Allen Hamilton, the firm that employed the IRS thief.  

Question: Do you expect taxpayers to trust this decision?


The IRS once again delayed implementation of Democrats change to 1099-K reporting despite this legislation passing in March of 2021.

Question: Specifically, from where do you derive your claimed authority to wave a wand and ignore statute?

Question: If the IRS does not delay 1099-K implementation again this year, how many additional Americans will receive a 1099-K tax form?

Question: What is the limiting principle of this power you declare?

Question: IRS has done this 1099-K wand-waving for two years. Could you do it for ten years? Why or why not?

Question: Could a future IRS Commissioner in 2026 simply declare that parts of TCJA did not expire because doing so would cause a lot of headaches and administrative difficulties?


According to July 19, 2023 congressional testimony IRS is retaliating against whistleblowers on the Hunter Biden tax dodging case.From July 19, 2023: “Since I made these disclosures that are legally protected, the IRS has chosen to retaliate against me in multiple ways.” – IRS agent / whistleblower Gary Shapley.”

Question: Have you retaliated against IRS whistleblowers?