VAT Rates Rise Over Time

Source: OECD Tax Database

Country VAT Rate 1976 VAT Rate 2009
U.K. 8% 15%
France 20% 19.6%
Germany 11% 19%
Italy 12% 20%
Sweden 17.7% 25%

People who think that VAT would be a good idea for America ought to take a look at the above chart.  In country after country, VAT rates started pretty low, but crept up, up, up (with the strange outlier of France, whose VAT actually declined a bit). 

If you’re interested in the full VAT rate data, it can be found at the OECD website.

Someone ought to ask President Obama why his Administration has flatly refused to rule out a VAT to pay for socialized medicine.  Maybe it’s the same reason that Bill Clinton had to float this idea back in 1993 to pay for Hillarycare.