Americans for Tax Reform president Grover Norquist offered the following statement on the Oklahoma Senate’s failure to take up income tax reductions as budget negotiations continue:

“Red states across the nation are reducing taxes and attracting jobs and investment.

“Oddly, Senate President Pro Tem Treat has chosen to oppose income tax reductions, driving away investment and jobs.

“Most of the 24 states with a Republican Governor, House and Senate have been reducing taxes. Some are moving to a flat tax: North Carolina, Idaho, Mississippi, Georgia, Iowa, and Arizona. Some have committed to phasing their state income taxes to zero. New Hampshire will be zero next year. West Virginia, Kentucky, and North Carolina are all moving to zero.

“Oklahoma has a governor committed to reducing the state income tax.  Oklahoma’s Speaker of the House shares that commitment. Oddly, the Senate leader stands with Democrat politicians in New York and California and Illinois in opposing tax reductions – and even Connecticut managed an income tax cut last year.

“Businesses are making decisions every day about where to create new businesses and jobs.  Lower tax states are winning the competition for new jobs and investment. The senate is losing jobs and economic growth for Oklahoma every day they oppose job-creating tax reduction.”

Watch: Oklahoma Senate President Pro Tem says “no” to bringing an income tax cut to the floor for a vote.