Americans for Tax Reform suggests the following five questions be asked of President Obama this evening during his fourth prime-time press conference:

1. Now that your economic advisor Christina Romer has formally debunked the contrived term “save or create” when discussing jobs, will you stop using the term? Will you direct your staff and advisors to stop using the term?
2.  A few of the tax increases in the House healthcare bill violate your pledge not to raise “any form” of taxes on those making less than $250,000 per year. Have you told House Democrats that these provisions are unacceptable given your pledge?
 3. The House healthcare bill will result in a top marginal tax rate of over 50 percent in most states. Do you think that’s too high? Why or why not?
4. You have said you want a budget-neutral healthcare bill. CBO has scored the latest health care legislation on the hill as increasing the deficit by $239 billion over the next ten years. Do you think we need more tax increases beyond what has already been proposed, and if so, please specify.
5. Is there a scenario you can see where a healthcare bill that you would sign passes this Congress without a net tax increase?

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