The Tennessean reported on January 25th that in 2013, Tennessee boasts the top union growth. 31,000 union members were added in the state the largest percentage of growth seen year. The increase is due to a multitude of reasons:

“the 25 percent growth in union membership in Tennessee could be attributed to a variety of factors — increases in construction and manufacturing jobs because of the improving economy, ramped up organizing efforts and a growing sense of disparity among workers between their company’s bottom line and their own paychecks.”    

If the United Auto Worker (UAW) does successfully organize in the Volkswagen facility, as chronicled by Executive Director of the Center for Worker Freedom Matt Patterson today in Fox News, this will only further strengthen union power in the region and threaten thousands of manufacturing jobs in the state.

The Volkswagen plant, located in Chattanooga Tennessee, is a major target for the UAW. Currently, the union does not have an organized presence in any foreign owned automakers plant in the south. They are viewing this plant a foot in the door, allowing them access to other plants, in others states within the region.