More Americans should own businesses, homes, retirement, and health care

WASHINGTON – Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist today praised President Bush’s forceful advocacy for an “ownership society.”

Speaking today in Virginia, President Bush highlighted ordinary taxpayers who have sought to claim an ownership stake in the American dream. Small business entrepreneurship, home ownership, retirement planning, and health care portability were featured.

"America needs to move from an insurance and co-dependence society to an ownership
said Norquist. “Small businesses need to flourish, more Americans need to own their own homes, large personal retirement accounts need to become a reality, and health savings accounts need to become the norm of health care delivery.”

Since President Bush took office, a record number of small businesses have been formed, a record number of Americans own their own home, health savings accounts have been established, and retirement savings opportunities have been expanded.

"The next step in creating an ownership society is to give younger workers choice and control over their Social Security,” continued Norquist. “Social Security is going broke and must be fixed: large personal accounts are the way to do that.”