Americans for Tax Reform is compiling the list of all known tea party taxpayer rallies and the best estimate of attendance at each one. If we have failed to list a rally that you attended, please let us know by e-mailing [email protected]  If you believe the attendance estimate we present is flawed, please let us know. We welcome any and all links to press or video that show the rally, its speakers and attendance.

It is important to share the size, scope and seriousness of the rallies with all Americans including the establishment press and elected officials. We know from history that rallies that discomfort the establishment fade in the press’ collective memory and those they welcome become larger as time passes.
The rallies on and around April 15 were unprecedented.
Participants did not want anything from anyone else.
The rallies grew locally and spread horizontally.
Attendees had jobs and families unlike some demonstrations in the past that were primarily students or paid union staff with no competing responsibilities.
The rallies did not come after the tax hikes or inflation. They came first.
Participants recognized that all the spending will lead to pain.
Rally participants were civil, pleasant and had fun….unlike violent demonstrators of the too recent past.
Unhappiness with government policy flowed from patriotism and love of country, not an excuse to slander same.
And for those establishment politicians who like Obama’s press secretary who claimed to be ignorant of the rallies nationwide or Pelosi who thought they were organized by Exxon or Dr. No. the rallies were quite threatening.
Imagine how much easier it will be for Americans who came together one time to regroup when tax hikes, more spending, cronyism and inflation threaten.
This was a start. Many starts, in many communities.  With thousands of leaders. And thousands of thousands of future leaders.
Take a look at this growing list of tea parties and number of attendees – if the tea party you took part in is not currently listed please email us at [email protected] the name of the city, the time and date of the tea party, and a credible number of attendees, with links to local news coverage if possible. We will continually update the list as we hear from you.