This morning, Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin stopped by the Newsmaker Breakfast hosted by The American Spectator magazine and Americans for Tax Reform.  A business owner with no previous political experience, Senator Johnson pointed out the most troubling problems affecting the country right now, and what he wants to do to fix them. 

Senator Johnson became involved in politics through the Tea Party movement and he continues to be supportive of their politics.  Fixing Obamacare is one of his passions.  His daughter, born with a heart condition, inspired him to show doctors are not these corrupt individuals like President Obama suggests.  After speaking to many doctors within his constituency, Johnson is concerned that the doctors lose all incentive to do their work and continue to try and find cures.

Additionally, the Senator is concerned with the spending habits of the Obama administration.  He believes that if the country continues down this path there could be a bankruptcy of the American government.  If the Congress can get the spending under control, there won’t be the problem with higher taxes. 

When asked about the field of Republican candidates, Senator Johnson emphasized the need to support more citizen legislators.  As someone with no previous political experience, he believes that life experiences make for better politicians.  Additionally, he is still very excited about the Tea Party movement.  Although it seems to be quieter now, he says that these are the people we need to look to.  These people are good, country-loving people whose passion needs to be noted by the American people and our politicians.

As a conclusion, Senator Johnson made sure to explain his fear of unintended consequences of the stimulus and Obamacare.  He hopes Republicans can have a major win in 2012 and the Tea Party can be a great source of this victory.