The Virginia State House (1788) by Tony Fischer licensed under CC BY 2.0

The fierce battle between Governor Glen Youngkin and the Virginia General Assembly has finally concluded with Gov. Youngkin signing HB 6001 and HB 6002 on Monday, May 13, 2024. These two bills comprise the state’s 20024-2026 biennial budget. Over the course of the legislative session, both sides quarreled as Democrats in the General Assembly rejected billions in tax relief for Virginian taxpayers. When Democrats proposed a $2 billion tax hike, Gov. Youngkin, a taxpayer protection pledge signer stood his ground and made it perfectly clear that he would not sign any budget that included any tax increase.  

Gov. Youngkin maintained his willingness to work with the Democrat controlled General Assembly and demonstrated that his top priority was the creation of a budget that benefits the people of Virginia. The 244 amendments he submitted to the legislature helped find common ground with the General Assembly while remaining firm in his stance on not raising taxes.  

After signing off on the budget, Gov. Youngkin said, “This is an important day for Virginia. While Virginians’ elected officials can sometimes be far apart on policy, today demonstrates and reiterates that we can come together to deliver for the Commonwealth. This budget resolution was empowered by the strength of our labor market, with more Virginians working than ever before and investments by businesses large and small, that have fueled record revenues for the Commonwealth. It’s enabled us to make historic investments in child care, in behavioral health, in our law enforcement community, in conservation and natural resources, and in education, including building on the twelve percent raises to our teachers in our first two years, with an additional three percent raise for educators in each of the next two years. I want to thank the General Assembly and especially Chairs Lucas and Torian, the conferees, and leadership from both sides for their unwavering commitment to serving the Commonwealth and investing in our collective priorities that keeps Virginia on a winning path.” 

Besides the budget being able to achieve many of the different priorities of the legislature it also doesn’t include any new tax increases or decreases. This victory for the taxpayer cannot be understated, as Governor Youngkin and Virginia Republicans like Leaders Gilbert and McDougle worked to stop the General Assembly from further burdening the taxpayer. 

The success Gov. Youngkin and Virginia Republicans achieved highlights their commitment to Virginians that they would never raise their taxes.