Today at the Newsmaker’s Lunch hosted by Americans for Tax Reform author Phil Kerpen discussed his new book, Democracy Denied: How Obama is Ignoring You and Bypassing Congress to Radically Transform America- And How to Stop Him

At this informal gathering with likeminded Conservatives, topics like Obamacare, the bailout, and current policy initiatives were attacked by the author.  Kerpen spoke out against President Obama’s recent comments saying that what the Congress wants is irrelevant and that he can bypass them in order to get his agenda accomplished.  To support his opinion here, Kerpen cited the first section of Article 1 of the Constitution which states the government’s legislative powers are to be split between a Senate and House of Representatives.  The author believes that Obama’s statements imply his wish to overpower these core beliefs outlined in the Constitution.  He also noted that over the last few decades, the powers of the executive and legislative branches have merged and Americans need to reevaluate who holds the power and what they are doing with it. 

In an effort to elaborate on his theory, Kerpen stated that there are two major divides in America right now: there are the people who know how to manage their money and spend it wisely and adversely there are those who need and want the government to step in and help make decisions.  As can be gathered from the discussion today and his book, Kerpen is dissatisfied with the track the United States is currently following and wants reform to the system in order to check the powers of the President. Kerpen highlighted a few bills which he is in favor of that would be a check on the size of government and he believes will benefit the nation in the long run.  With energy and enthusiasm Phil Kerpen commented on many recent events that have served as an impetus to write this book and more can be read on his website