While the President continues to dither on the Keystone Pipeline and punt on other vital energy issues, Budget Chairman Paul Ryan has called for Keystone’s immediate approval as well increased oil and gas exploration on federal lands in his new budget.

Right now John Kerry is weighing whether or not to approve the Keystone pipeline. Click here to tell Secretary Kerry to get off his hands and approve the Keystone XL pipeline

Highlighting the energy challenges facing the United States; Ryan’s budget outlines a pro-growth energy policy that seeks to unleash energy production in the United States, not one drowning in federal regulations. Throughout his first term, President Obama pushed policies that have led to record high gas prices, higher electricity costs and thousands of job losses. Instead of waiting for the EPA and Department of Interior to do more damage, Ryan is trying to preserve and advance America’s unrivaled potential in the energy sector.   

The Ryan Budget on Energy:

•    Immediately Approve Keystone
•    20,000 direct jobs as well as 118,000 indirect jobs

Oil and Gas Exploration
•    Open up federal lands to more oil and gas exploration
•    500,000 new jobs
•    $14.1 trillion in economic activity over the next 30 years

Congressional Research Service: The United States has the largest endowment of oil, coal and natural gas on EARTH located on government lands

Unemployed Americans cannot wait any longer; we must approve the Keystone Pipeline now.

Making the United States the global leader in energy is not only an attainable goal but a necessary one if the country is to re-discover its sleeping economic engine. Continuing to let unaccountable government agencies like the EPA run wild with job-killing regulation is not a serious answer to our energy policy needs. For Senate Democrats looking to find ways to create jobs and get the economy out of its current slump, reading the Ryan Budget would be a good starting point.