PR Week reported that Obama’s HHS launched a $20M campaign last week with Porter Novelli to sell Obamacare to the public. A “competitive” process resulted in the selection of a public relations company. This company just so happens to be led by Catherine “Kiki” Mclean, a former on-air surrogate for Obama’s campaign in 2008. 

Is the President using his campaign money to promote his already unpopular idea? Not a chance—You, the taxpayer, are footing the bill for Obama’s campaign to justify why Obamacare, bad policy, is actually good policy. 
This promotional campaign is not targeting all Americans equally. The campaign creates race-consciousness in order to win over the minority vote. Obama has prioritized reaching Hispanics, African Americans, and women through this PR blitz. For example, an email to HHS in January from the Vice President of Ogilvy PR Worldwide stated, “I realize we really can’t use the blond mom and child for this audience” in regards to a banner ad campaign. With the election on the horizon, Obama realizes he must secure the minority vote.
Why now? Obama feels pressure to push the agenda of this unpopular policy. Obamacare is currently undergoing scrutiny in the Supreme Court and could soon be deemed unconstitutional. This is concurrent with the theme of wasteful spending of tax dollars by the administration. Obama feels pressure to push the agenda of this unpopular policy to solidify his political future.
It is apparent that this PR blitz is a campaign effort. It should not be funded on the taxpayer’s dime. Obama’s use of tax dollars instead of campaign funds to win votes is unacceptable. American taxpayers should not be forced to pay promotion of Obamacare. This is just another example of frivolous spending and hasty decision making by the Obama administration.