As Americans are gearing up to take one last summer holiday, the costs of travel will be something they will be painfully aware of. It’s no secret that the cost of gasoline has increased. Long gone are the days when gas was less than $2.00 a gallon, despite the fact that was only four short years ago. But who is to blame?

The Obama Administration, that’s who! This administration’s blatant negligence to reform or eliminate the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) requirements, set in 2005, and are the reason why it is costing you more at the pump, as well as putting American refining jobs at risk. The mandate, established eight years ago, was made with the intention that Americans demand for gas would be increasing. But such demand has not become a reality. This is due to the “new fuel-economizing technology” and has actually led to a decline in demand, making the RFS impractical, and costing you money!

So when you are filling up your tank this weekend, remember to be safe, have fun and #thanksobama. Because you are now paying almost twice as much in gas prices as you were four  years ago.