As many of you may have heard, we now have 3 new members of the NLRB.  During the holiday break President Obama made “recess” appointments to this board, without the Senate actually being recessed.  The Senate was in what is known as a “pro-forma” session and President Obama did not have the right to bypass them in making these appointments.  While the Senate is still in session, the appointments must be voted on by this body.

These appointments are not the only problem here; the Senate was never given the paperwork for these appointees either.  The actions of the President are completely unconstitutional and Obama appears to have taken his job too far. 

Without the consent of the Senate on these appointments, the NLRB has 3 new members that may not be properly suited for this job.  With these actions we must question the motivation behind them.  Is the President doing this for his large supporters in the labor industry?  Has the White House withheld the paperwork for a specific reason?

This situation is a perfect example of how President Obama has overstepped his role as Commander in Chief.  Multiple law suits have been put forward in order to bring this issue to the forefront.  The Senate has the right to question these appointments, and look at their paperwork.  Look for more updates on this issue in the upcoming week!