Grover Norquist spoke at Americans for Tax Reform’s anti-carbon-tax press conference on July 25.

Norquist said:

“We have seen this debate around the country for decades. The Gasoline tax was on the ballot in Arkansas, with Mr. Huckabee as Governor. It was voted down 80 to 20 in Arkansas. Republicans also may save a bunch of House seats that Democrats were hoping to win in California because on the ballot is a measure to repeal the Democrat’s energy tax, the Democrats gasoline tax that was passed just last year and in November all the people of California will be able to say no. Even liberal California is expected to slap that down hard.”

On the proposed carbon tax by Representative Carlos Curbelo, Norquist said:

“The $275 in taxes that the congressman from Florida (Rep. Curbelo) admitted to is per capita. Try and get your ten-year-old to pay his or her $275. It’s $688 per household. That is a lot of money to many people. Some of the stories that have been in the paper of people that are only $400 away from not being able to pay their bills. Now we have somebody talking about hitting those families with $688 – to start with and then 2% every year + CPI. It’s bad on paper, it’s worse when people have to live with it.”

Carbon tax pushers gloss over who actually bears the brunt of the carbon tax: You and your family will pay the bill. 

As Norquist said during the press conference, “Carbon doesn’t pay taxes — families pay taxes, people pay taxes, taxpayers pay taxes.”

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