While there is gridlock on the tax front in Washington, there are many developments in state capitals across the country that affect taxpayers. 

Below is a roundup of state tax activity from this past week:

Florida: Lawmakers looking to make Gov. Rick Scott’s business tax cuts viable. Florida Chamber of Commerce demands an end to business rent tax.

Idaho: Lawmakers seek to avoid tax hike for infrastructure repairs.

Illinois: State budget impasse continues. Tax refunds will be delayed due to anti-fraud and identity theft efforts.

Indiana: Fantasy sports companies facing New York lawsuits invited to move headquarters to Indiana. 

Iowa: Gov. Terry Branstad proposes diverting sales tax revenue from schools to water quality projects.

Kansas: Education is likely to be at the center of state budget discussions. 

Kentucky: Gov. Matt Bevin cuts $112.5 million from transportation budget.

Maine: Residents are paying a lower income tax, higher sales tax in the new year. 

Maryland: Gov. Larry Hogan aims to allocate $700 million for demolishing, redeveloping vacant Baltimore structures.

Minnesota: Majority of cities propose property tax increases.

Mississippi: Lawmakers consider phasing out franchise tax while increasing other taxes. 

Missouri:  In light of flooding, state will prioritize a transportation bill, while considering a gas tax hike. 

Ohio: Judge dismisses state lawsuit over health care law tax. A tax agency lost tax return data for 50,000 Ohioans.

Oklahoma: Residents in 16 counties receive ‘accidental’ tax breaks. Debt rating service predicts poor outlook for the state.

Pennsylvania: An unpopular business tax has expired with the new year. Pennsylvania borrows $2 billion to pay bills amidst budget impasse.

Rhode Island: Truckers may avoid Rhode Island if it implements a new toll.

South Dakota: Voters overwhelmingly reject wheel tax. Legislature will consider a new method of assessing agricultural property for tax purposes. 

Tennessee: State seeks alternatives to gas tax increase.

Utah: Proposed bill would reward veterans with tax exemption. Residents in 13 school districts paid higher property taxes, schools have yet to receive the revenue.

Virginia: Gov.’s McAuliffe’s proposed budget would surpass record-breaking $100 billion. 

West Virginia: Numerous West Virginia cities are adding a municipal sales tax.

Wisconsin: County sales tax on transportation bill receives bipartisan support.