While there is gridlock on the tax front in Washington, there are many developments in state capitals across the country that affect taxpayers. 

Below is a roundup of state tax activity from this past week:

Arizona: Gov. Doug Ducey (R) proposes new income tax relief after a $1.2 billion budget surplus in 2015. 

Delaware: Delaware House Revenue and Finance Committee approves pro-growth change to corporate income tax structure. 

Florida: Gov. Rick Scott (R) pushes $1 billion tax cut plan in his State of the State speech.

Idaho: Idaho House Republicans promise tax cut this year after Gov. Otter (R) refused to include tax relief in his 2016 agenda.

Illinois: Still no budget for suffering Illinois in new legislative session. Ohio State study predicts 10 percent decline in Chicago Amazon sales with new cloud tax. 

Indiana: A state representative wants a temporary sales tax holiday on school supplies. 

Iowa: Gov. Terry Branstad (R) praises state fiscal practices, proposes increased K-12 funding in State of the State speech.

Kansas: Gov. Sam Brownback’s budget avoids dramatic cuts and new taxes. 

Kentucky: State senator introduces a bill to stop college tuition hikes

Maine: Department of health reveals $1.2 million in welfare fraud in 2015.

Maryland: Leading Dem threatens Gov. Larry Hogan with budget mandates if Hogan does not comply with their budget demands.

Minnesota: State collects $43 more in tax revenues than anticipated last year. 

Missouri: Missouri business groups voice support for gas tax hike, joining Gov. Jay Nixon (D).

Nebraska: Gov. Pete Ricketts (R) backs proposal to provide property tax relief by limiting local spending. 

Pennsylvania: Partial budget plan put in place, but many worry the impasse has not ended.

Rhode Island: Plan to increase truck tolls comes under fire, will hurt Dems in general election.

South Dakota: Gov. Dennis Daugaard (R) encourages legislature to pass sales tax increase to fund teacher pay raise.

Tennessee: Lawmakers to debate gas tax hike in support of transportation funding.

Utah: Lawmakers finally realize voluntary sales tax reporting is absurd.

Virginia: Lawmakers expect battle over Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s record $109 billion budget.  

Wisconsin: Gov. Scott Walker (R) rolls out college affordability plan.

West Virginia: Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin (D) proposes tax hikes to balance budgets for 2016 and 2017.