Thanks to the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act enacted by congressional Republicans and President Trump, American manufacturers are hiring new employees, building new facilities, purchasing new equipment, and investing in current employees through pay raises, increased benefits, and bonuses.

ATR has compiled manufacturer examples, including:

Advanced Superbrasives (Mars Hill, North Carolina) manufactures uniquely bonded diamond and CBN grinding wheels, filtration, and dressing machines:

Thanks to tax reform, Advanced Superabrasives of Mars Hill, North Carolina, is creating high-paying jobs, investing in workforce training and growing its operations. But what’s even more impressive is it has already given many of the 43 employees not just one, not just two, but three pay raises in 2018. – July 25, 2018, National Association of Manufacturers Shopfloor blog excerpts

Baker Boy (Dickinson, North Dakota) manufactures baked goods including donuts, breads, rolls, biscuits, and more:

Baker Boy, a North Dakota baked goods manufacturer, is producing a brand new donut thanks to the GOP tax cuts. They are also purchasing new equipment, expanding business operations, and hiring new employees.

Never before seen in North America, Magic Ring Donuts are jelly or creme-filled donuts that have a hole in the middle and are injected with filling in the donut ring. The donuts are manufactured with new technology that is only currently used overseas.– October 23, 2018 ATR Blog Post

Ball Corporation (Broomfield, Colorado) – Expanding operations, hiring new employees:

We have also heard from Ball Corporation Senior Vice President and CFO Scott Morrison, who told us that his company is looking to expand its presence in the United States and add 400 more workers to its payrolls. – January 9, 2018, National Association of Manufacturers Shopfloor blog excerpt

Beck Manufacturing International (Converse, Texas) manufactures concrete mixers:

Tom Beck, vice president of operations at Beck Manufacturing International in Converse, said he expects his company, which builds cement mixer bodies that mount on trucks, will see a reduction of close to 10 percent in its tax rate.

The savings will flow into Beck Manufacturing International investments, including an under construction manufacturing site that will double his company’s capacity in Converse, he said.

“That money that we hang on to … that’s absolutely going directly toward the new facility that will employ more people,” Beck said.  – February 7, 2018, San Antonio Express-News article excerpt

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC (Elyria, Ohio) manufactures active safety technologies, energy management solutions, and air brake charging, and control systems and components under the Bendix® brand name for medium- and heavy-duty trucks, tractors, trailers, buses, and other commercial vehicles throughout North America.

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC, an Elyria, Ohio, vehicle-parts supplier, has seen demand for its brakes and other products surge over the past year and a half as the transportation industry has picked up steam. To meet that demand and maximize capacity, the company has increased investment in machinery and has added a rotation that allows it to run full shifts seven days a week. – July 17, 2018, Wall Street Journal article excerpt

Big River Steel (Osceola, Arkansas) manufactures advanced high-strength steels including dual phase, complex phase, martensitic steel, and farrite bainite steel products. It also produces high-strength and light-weight steels that are used in the automotive industry; wide and thick steels that are used in the pipe and tube applications; and electrical steels that are used in the energy industries:

Big River Steel is investing $1.2 billion in expansion and creating an additional 500 jobs. That means more opportunity for American workers.

A spokesman for the state notes the jobs will pay on average about $75,000 annually. – June 29, 2018 Arkansas Times article excerpt

Bio-Techne (Minneapolis, Minnesota) manufactures scientific tools:

Many of you, particularly in the U.S., have probably been keeping up with the news the past few months on U.S. tax reform. With the passage of the bill in Congress yesterday and the President’s signature, the new tax law is now official. How does this affect our company? A lot. Our current corporate income tax levels average between 29% and 31%. With this new tax law, over the next year our tax rates will drop to levels potentially as low as 21%. We don’t know the total answer yet because the law is complicated, and includes tax calculations from other countries where we do business as well. What I can tell you is that we are likely to pay substantially less taxes in the U.S. and overall.  

There has been extensive media coverage here in the U.S. on what companies will do with these gains. The U.S. Government’s primary goal for the new law is that companies will use the additional monies to invest in growth, and not simply to benefit shareholders through a dividend increase or share buyback. I am happy to tell you that we will use the savings to invest in our company and in you. We will use the funds to continue our investment in the company through expansion and acquisitions. But we also want to invest in our employees. Our board of directors has approved a recommendation to pay a bonus of US $500 to every employee globally. The bonus will be paid to all employees employed as of December 31, 2017 (other than the Corporate Leadership Team) and will be included in a January 2018 payroll.  Management and the Board value each of you and your contributions, and this bonus is one way we wish to show our appreciation for your contributions to our strong business performance and excellent execution.

I look forward to working with all of you to create great future of continued growth for Bio-Techne.  On behalf of the entire management team, thank you. – Dec. 21, 2017 special message to employees from Bio-Techne CEO Chuck Kummeth

Blair Strip Steel Company (New Castle, Pennsylvania) — The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act allowed the company to raise wages, hire new people, and buy new equipment. 

“I want to thank Mike Kelly for his role in the successful effort to reduce taxes on behalf of the company and it’s employees, said Bruce Kinney, president and CEO of Blair Strip Steel Company. His efforts are a key part of rebuilding and sustaining a healthier manufacturing climate in Pennsylvania and across the United States.” — August 6, 2018 NAM Shopfloor Blog

Brown-Forman Corporation (Louisville, Kentucky) manufactures alcohol, including Jack Daniel’s, Early Times, Old Forester, Woodford Reserve, Canadian Mist, GlenDronach, BenRiach, Glenglassaugh, Finlandia, Herradura, Korbel, and Chambord:

Paul Varga, Chief Executive Officer of Brown-Forman, said, “These capital deployment actions underscore the strength of the company’s balance sheet and health of our business, and are augmented by the anticipated benefits due to tax reform.

The company has also decided to fully fund its current pension liability of $120 million, further strengthening an important employee retirement benefit. Additionally, with the goal of helping to fund the company’s ongoing philanthropic endeavors in the communities where Brown-Forman employees live and work, the company is pursuing the creation of a foundation with a contribution of $60-$70 million. The company anticipates that the foundation’s proceeds will provide a consistent amount of revenue per year for its charitable giving program independent of the company’s yearly earnings.– Jan. 23, 2018 Brown-Forman Corporation press release excerpts

BWX Technologies, Inc. (Ohio and Indiana) — Hiring more than 170 new employees because of tax reform. The company is also investing $210 million in these states because of tax reform:

BWX Technologies, Inc., a supplier of nuclear components and fuel to the U.S. government, is hiring more than 170 new employees and further expanding its operations across three manufacturing facilities in Ohio and Indiana over the course of the next four years, investing approximately $210 million in these two states as a result of tax reform.

“Due to tax reform, we saw a favorable impact to our tax rate of about 8 to 10 percent,” said Rex Geveden, BWXT’s president and chief executive officer. “This has resulted in significant cash savings that we have used for various needs, including reinvestment of capital into our business and hiring additional employees for future growth.” — July 22, 2019 National Association of Manufacturers Shop Floor Blog


Cannon Inc. (Dallas, Texas) – The company was able to create new jobs and invest in new equipment because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act:

But many small businesses who file as pass-through entities will qualify for at least some additional deduction. The change will help businesses build a cushion to weather slow periods and financial crises, said Greg Brown, the president of Cannon, Inc., a Texas wholesale distributor for storage equipment like warehouse shelving and conveyor belts. 

“It just seems like you never quite have enough money in the bank for a downturn,” said Brown, who employs 30 people, five of them hired in the past six months. The tax law “allows me to keep a little more capital, to put some money in the bank for me for a rainy day, to bonus my employees, [and] to buy more capital equipment that I may need.”– Feb. 27, 2018, PBS News article.

Cardinal Manufacturing Company, Inc. (Indianapolis, Indiana) manufactures custom high quality interior signs and sign plans:

Cardinal is the leading manufacturer of Interior Signage in the Midwest.  We are pleased and proud to announce our small business is rewarding our (17) Team Members at this time in 2018:  Profit sharing Bonuses for those enrolled in the plan, bonuses for those new employees that are not yet eligible to enroll, and an average pay increase of over $1.00 per hour, across the board, to our fantastic Team. Cardinal will also use the additional funds available from the new tax cuts to invest in our Company’s growth and development. –  August 13, 2018, Laura Mulligan, President of Cardinal Manufacturing Company Inc.

Carpenter Technology (Reading, Pennsylvania) manufactures high-performance specialty alloy-based materials and process solutions for critical applications in the aerospace, defense, transportation, energy, industrial, medical, and consumer electronics markets:

The company announced Monday that it will invest $100 million in soft magnetics capabilities and a new, precision strip hot rolling mill in Reading. The new mill, officials said, will allow Carpenter to meet the increasing demand for aerospace, consumer electronics, and electric vehicle manufacturing customers.

“With more than 90 percent of our products manufactured in the U.S., this type of capital investment will strengthen our foundation for long-term sustainable growth, provide good-paying jobs and increase value for shareholders for years to come,” said Tony Thene, Carpenter Technology’s president and CEO. “Today’s announcement demonstrates the benefits of an effective partnership between public policy and U.S business.”

Carpenter said it estimates the company will save as much as $100 million in taxes over the next five years as a result of the recently enacted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The company said those savings will allow it to increase investment in its manufacturing operations over the same time period. – March 26, 2018 WFMZ News article excerpt

Centennial Bolt (Denver, Colorado) manufactures bolts, nuts, screws, rivets, washers:

Mark Cordova, President of Centennial Bolt and a longtime champion of American manufacturing is part of the National Association of Manufacturers’ Executive Committee, is hailing the recently signed legislation…

“I’m mapping out putting in a new plant in the Midwest,” Cordova said. The new product line he plans to launce from that facility “is something right now that’s being manufactured primarily in China. We’re actually going to be at a competitive level to build it in the United States again.”

Other advances Cordova attributed to tax reform include:

“Tax savings aren’t just for me,” said Cordova. “It’s so people can have a better life. It’s always been a family motto: our goal is that people will do better for themselves so they can improve their lives and take care of their own.” Centennial Bolt’s new equipment will not just allow the firm to increase production and make work easier for employees—but Cordova said it’ll give the men and women on his shop floor a new reason to be hopeful, rather than watch more and more of their manufacturing jobs go overseas.-  April 24, 2018 National Association of Manufacturers Shopfloor Blog article excerpt

Circuit Interruption Technology Inc. — CIT Relay & Switch (Rogers, Minnesota) manufacturers a broad array of automotive, telecom, security, industrial, and audio thru-hole and surface mount switches and relays:

Circuit Interruption Technology Inc. dba CIT Relay & Switch manufactures and distributes electromechanical relays and switches to the electronics, security, HVAC, appliance and automotive industries. Employees were notified just before Christmas of one extra week pay added to their final year end check as a result of the new tax reform measure. Due to the positive atmosphere created by the passage of the tax bill Company profit sharing combined with normal 401K contributions amounted to an additional 5% per employee for 2017. CIT has added 10% to our staff thus far in January 2018 and more additions are expected. – Rick Hampton, CIT Relay & Switch

City Machine Technologies Inc. (Youngstown, Ohio) – Because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the company was able to create more jobs, buy new equipment, and increase wages:

“First and foremost, we are happy to see that the tax reforms will be putting a little extra into our employees’ pockets,” said Claudia Kovach, owner of Youngstown, Ohio-based City Machine Technologies Inc. “When you have less to pay for taxes, you have more money to hire more staff, increase wages and buy new equipment.” – March 23, 2018, NFIB article.

CMC Steel (Cayce, South Carolina) manufactures steel and metal:

“Many businesses in South Carolina have already announced pay and benefit increases, like CMC Steel Company” – Feb. 12, 2018, Rep. Joe Wilson Press Release

Complex Chemical Company Incorporated (Tallulah, Louisiana) manufactures chemicals like brake fluids and antifreeze:

Thanks to tax reform, Complex Chemical Company Incorporated of Tallulah, Louisiana, is hiring more workers, raising wages and making critical new investments that will help grow its business.

Travis Melton, Complex Chemical’s vice president of sales and marketing, said that his company’s first order of business after tax reform passed was to give an immediate raise to every single one of its 120 employees. It’s the first time in several years that the company was able to give such substantial, across-the-board pay increases.

Melton also explained that tax reform is helping Complex Chemical reinvest in its business and accelerate its expansion plans.

“We’ve had an expansion in the works for two years,” Melton said. “Because the corporate tax rates have been reduced, it’s easier for us to move forward with this expansion and another one we have around the corner. Tax reform helps move these investments.” – July 18, 2018, National Association of Manufacturers article excerpt

Conger Construction Group (Lebanon, Ohio) – Because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the company was able to double the amount of employees, offer bigger bonuses, give more paid time off, and provide better healthcare benefits to workers.

“Justin Conger, owner and president of Conger Construction Group in Lebanon, Ohio, a C corporation, attributes the explosion of his business to the TCJA’s flat corporate tax rate of 21 percent, and he thinks his company’s success indicates the health of the overall economy.

“Construction is a lagging indicator of the economy,” he told members of the House Committee on Small Business on Wednesday. “If our clients or other businesses are not growing, expanding, or re-investing in their facilities, there is no need for commercial construction services. There is a lot of work to be completed before a project can start; from an owner obtaining financing, to architectural drawings being completed, to regulatory approval from local jurisdictions. Businesses all over Ohio are growing and expanding by utilizing the benefits of the TCJA and reinvesting additional generated capital into their businesses. In talking with past, future, and current clients, over 80 percent indicate the reason for their investment in construction services is due to the economy and current tax structure.”

“Conger said the number of employees at his company doubled in the last year and a half, and he’s been offering bigger bonuses, more paid time off and better healthcare benefits to workers because business has been so good. Conger said they’re also expanding office space due to the increased number of employees.”

“Those are real numbers and big numbers in Warren County and Lebanon, Ohio,” he said. – July 25, 2019 Inside Sources article 

Cox Manufacturing (San Antonio, Texas) manufactures screw machine products and precision turned products:

For Cox, those savings may give the manufacturer some much-needed relief as it adds staff and equipment necessary to handle the increased orders the company’s been receiving over the last month or so, President Bill Cox said.

“The biggest benefit I think is not the tax savings, but the activity that’s going on. It’s just like crazy,” said Cox, whose company employs 150 and makes machined and other parts. “I had some older machines that we wanted to phase out and I just couldn’t believe how quickly they sold. I’m getting pressure to release them sooner than I wanted to.”

Demand has picked up dramatically since the bill was signed into law, he said. His backlog of orders has grown from six to eight weeks in December to 10 to 12 weeks now, and he’s having to move up construction of a new 8,000-square-foot manufacturing plant by at least a year in order to meet the growth.

“We needed it yesterday,” he said of the new facility.

Cox said his backlog of orders is starting to cost him work. The new factory and equipment — which he hopes to bring online this year — will cost at least $1.5 million, create 15 jobs and would add to his 54,000 square feet of existing manufacturing space. – February 7, 2018, San Antonio Express News article excerpt

Cranston Material Handling Equipment Corp (McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania) – Because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the company was able to purchase new equipment, build a new website, and invest in training:

As president of the western Pennsylvania company, Cranston was there to discuss the benefits of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act for small business. Founded in 1957 and an NFIB member since 1994, Cranston Material Handling Equipment Corporation sells material handling products.

“Like many business owners, I pay quarterly estimated taxes,” Cranston testified. “In order to pay those taxes, I take cash from my company each quarter. Those payments suck my working capital right out of my business quarter after quarter. Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’s new Section 199A, I now qualify for a 20 percent deduction on my pass-through income. In real terms, this means I will be able to keep between $1,200 and $2,500 a quarter in my business that I would otherwise have paid in taxes. The ability to keep $5,000 to $10,000 a year in my company is a big deal to a small business owner like me.”

As of January, Cranston has focused on expanding into a new product line. Cranston will purchase new equipment, invest in training, and build a new website, according to his testimony. He credited the tax act for his better financial position to self-fund this new product.

“I can tell you that my optimism that the economy has a real opportunity to continue improving has dramatically increased,” Cranston testified.

Cranston testified in front of Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, alongside Douglas Holtz-Eakin, president of the American Action Forum, David Kamin, professor of law at the New York University School of Law, and Rebecca Kysar, professor of law at the Brooklyn Law School.

“The Tax Cuts and Job Act has not only reduced taxes for businesses like mine; it has created an environment where more business owners feel confident to take the cash from the tax savings and invest it back into their businesses,” Cranston told lawmakers. “For these reasons, I believe the Tax Cuts and Job Act is spurring business investment and therefore has set the stage for increased economic growth for years to come.” – April 25, 2018, NFIB article.

C.R. Onsrud (Troutman, North Carolina) — The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has allowed the company to hire 40 new employees and invest over $8 million in plant upgrades and new equipment.

“At C.R. Onsrud, we appreciate Rep. Budd’s commitment to pro-growth policies and regulatory reform, said Tom Onsrud, president and CEO of C.R. Onsrud. His vote for the tax legislation was a clear message that he stands with manufacturers and manufacturing workers across America. As a direct result of the tax legislation, C.R. Onsrud has hired an additional 40 employees and, due to the immediate capital expensing provision of the law, has invested over $8 million in plant upgrades and equipment necessary to grow our business. Because of Rep. Budd’s leadership in Washington, manufacturing in North Carolina will only continue to flourish.” — August 30, 2018 NAM Shopfloor Blog

Cummins (Columbus, Indiana) manufactures diesel and alternative fuel engines and generators, and related components and technology

Cummins is accelerating several compensation and benefits programs that have been under consideration for some time. And, in the U.S. specifically, those results combined with the recent tax legislation have allowed us to bring those programs to fruition even more quickly that we had originally planned. For example, I hope you saw that at the beginning of the year we decreased the out-of-pocket maximums in our U.S. medical plans for all employees earning under $60,000 per year. And, for our employees in our U.S. medical plans whose base salary is $40,000 or less per year, we will provide a one-time additional $1,000 employer-seed contribution in their 2018 Health Savings Account (HAS). This is on top of the increased HSA employer contribution that was announced for the 2018 plan year. In addition, we are looking at opportunities in the coming year, and as our collective bargaining agreements expire, to:

More information about these programs will be shared in the coming months. And, rest assured that we are also evaluating how Cummins can improve compensation and benefits globally to support our employees in the best possible way. Maintaining a strong compensation and benefits program enables Cummins to remain competitive in the marketplace, and provide sustainable growth for employees throughout their career.

I want to thank you for all of your work to make our company successful in 2017, and providing a strong foundation for a great 2018.

Rich Freeland

President & Chief Operation Officer

Custom Truck & Body Works (Woodbury, Georgia) manufactures specialized emergency vehicles including ambulances, fire trucks, and swat trucks:

“Two that I will highlight at some point tonight will be Shred-X in Griffin, Georgia, and Custom Truck and Body Works in Woodbury. Both of these businesses are expanding and hiring more workers, and this is a great story for the State of Georgia and the Third District. We are awfully proud of them.”  – March 20, 2018, Rep. Drew Ferguson statement on the House floor

Danko Arlington Inc. (Baltimore, Maryland) manufactures a variety of aluminum and bronze custom-made products:

Danko Arlington and its employees have also benefited from the tax cuts.  Just in the past few months, the company purchased and fully depreciated a new 3-D sand printer in December 2017, provided higher wage increases in January, renovated its seventy-five-year-old pattern shop into a state-of-the-art additive manufacturing center in February, and hired six more workers in March.

Overall the company is looking forward to the expanding economy — including increased funding for defense.  Danko Arlington is not alone. According to a recent survey from the National Association of Manufacturers, optimism among manufacturers registered its second-highest level ever recorded (93.5 percent) in the 20-year history of the survey. – April 12, 2018, Danko Arlington release excerpt

Dixon Valve (Chestertown, Maryland) manufactures hose fittings and accessories:

A Maryland manufacturer will pay $1,000 bonuses to full-time employees as a result of the Republican tax cuts, a move cited by House Speaker Paul Ryan’s press office Wednesday as an example of the tax law working.

Dixon Valve, a company in Chestertown that makes hose fittings and accessories, said the bonuses were a “direct result” of the tax overhaul and regulatory relief.

Hundreds of companies have announced bonuses, raises or other benefits for workers tied to the tax overhaul, according to the anti-tax group Americans for Tax Reform.

Dixon Valve’s announcement stands out, though, because it is one of the companies that Ryan visited in October as he was trying to build support for the massive legislation. – March 28, 2018 Washington Examiner article excerpt

Dong-A Hwa Sung (Martin, Tennessee) – manufactures home appliances and automotives:

“Additionally, in my district, a South Korean manufacturer announced a $13 million investment in Martin, Tennessee, and 220 job opportunities at the company’s first United States-based location.” – May 8, 2018, Rep. David Kustoff statement on House floor

Dyersville Die Cast (Dyersville, Iowa) manufactures custom aluminum die-castings:

“Dyersville Die Cast employees will be getting bonuses thanks to the recently passed tax reform bill.

Full-time employees who were with the company prior to Oct. 1, 2017 will receive a $200 bonus on March 9. But, that’s not all.

All full-time, hourly employees will also be receiving $50 monthly bonuses for at least the next 12 months.

In addition, employees will still receive their regular “profit bonus” in June, according to General Manager Bob Willets.

The big news is thanks to that fact that Dyersville Die Cast is slated to save approximately $200,000 thanks to the new tax law, and have decided to dole out $150,000 of that to its workers” – Feb. 21 2018, Dyersville Commercial article excerpt

Eagle Manufacturing (Wellsburg, West Virginia) manufactures Safety Cans, Safety Cabinets, Secondary Spill Containment Products, Poly Drums, Material Handling Products and Cigarette Receptacles

The company traditionally has sought to buy used equipment at low prices when replacement of machinery was necessary, according to Trimmer.

“Because of that tax break, we can invest and buy our next machines,” he said. “My department is now looking to buy a $2 million machine, rather than a 1990 classic. It will pay for itself in a short manner of time.”

Trimmer said the company is about to sign some government contracts that will put Eagle cabinets and metal products on the next generation of U.S. naval destroyers.

This could result in as many as 25 jobs being created, he said. – May 3, 2018, The Intelligencer article excerpt  

Eastman Chemical (Kingsport, Tennessee) manufactures a broad range of advanced materials, chemicals and fibers:

Kingsport, Tenn.-based Eastman Chemical said it was investing savings in research and development, innovation programs and capital projects to expand manufacturing. – June 29, 2018, Tennessean article excerpt

Eli Lilly (Indianapolis, Indiana) manufactures pharmaceuticals:

The latest tax reform win comes from Indiana, where pharmaceutical manufacturer Eli Lilly and Co. recently opened a new $75 million research facility in Indianapolis. The company’s CEO credited tax reform and other pro-growth policies that helped make it possible.

“Congress and this (presidential) administration have enhanced our ability to acquire and develop U.S.-born innovation,” Dave Ricks, chairman and CEO of Lilly, said in a statement. “The tax reforms they’ve adopted place U.S. companies like Lilly on a level playing field with our global peers.”  – July 9, 2018, National Association Of Manufacturers Shopfloor blog excerpt

Ellwood Group (Ellwood, Pennsylvania) manufactures steel and other heavy metals:

The tax reform is incentivizing the Ellwood Group to invest $10 million into the plant, including an expansion that will house a massive robot.

Ellwood Group CEO David Barensfeld says 500 people currently work at the plant; 200 of them making military equipment.  “Two-thousand-pound capacity to automatically transfer unfinished bombs, so that they can be finished and sent to the Air Force…  And, we expect to expand employment by, perhaps, 10 percent in the next short while, because of the increased demand for bombs.” – August 9, 2018, article excerpt

Ennis, Inc. (Midlothian, Texas) manufactures forms, labels, tags, envelopes, folders and more:

Keith S. Walters, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ennis, Inc. (NYSE: EBF), a manufacturer of business forms and other business products headquartered in Midlothian, Texas, announced today that in conjunction with the signing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, the Ennis Board of Directors has approved a special one-time bonus to more than 2,200 non-management employees in the amount of $500.00 each. This payment will take place with the first payroll period in January 2018.

In addition, in response to this landmark act the Board of Directors has declared a special one-time cash dividend of $0.10 a share of our common stock. The dividend will be paid on February 9, 2018 to shareholders of record on January 12, 2018.

“Congress and the President by their passage of this historic law have improved the prospects of the American worker and American company success. We recognize this historic opportunity for our Company, our employees and our shareholders,” said Mr. Walters. – Dec. 22, 2017 Ennis, Inc. press release

Evans Tool & Die   (Conyers, Georgia) – Creates New Jobs, Invests Heavily in New Equipment:

“Generosity is one of our core values,” explained Dee Barnes, President and CEO of Evans Tool & Die. “We’ve always shared profit with our employees, and we have always given bonuses each year. With tax reform we will be able to increase those bonuses to our employees. 

“We have a 40,000 square foot warehouse that’s ready to be used,” said Barnes. “We’re ready to grow, buy another stamping press, buy new equipment. In recent years, we haven’t been able to invest heavily into new equipment but now tax reform has definitely made it a good time to invest. Tax reform is causing new business to filter down to Evans, because we make small parts that go into bigger products. The supply chain has definitely been effected positively by tax reform.” 

Evans is creating new jobs, but the labor pool for tool manufacturers is small. As a result, Evans is investing heavily in apprenticeship training for new employees and their existing employees. 

“We’re raising up our own workers to ensure we have quality toolmakers,” said Barnes. “You can’t just go out and hire toolmakers anymore, because there aren’t any. We’ve partnered with tech schools to help them rebuild tool manufacturing programs. And we do everything we can to reward our employees, so they stay want to stay at Evans Tool & Die. Plus, we’re proud to help our workers provide for their families, with incredible healthcare and great benefits.” – September 13, 2018 – National Association of Manufacturers

Excel Boat Company (Ridgely, Tennessee) manufactures boats:

“In Lake County, Excel Boat Company announced they will be opening a manufacturing plant that will bring 200 good-paying jobs and a total economic development investment of $9 million.” – May 8, 2018, Rep. David Kustoff statement on House floor

Expanded Technologies, Inc. (Marietta, Georgia) manufactures light gage expanded metal:

Expanded Technologies, Inc. (ETI) is a privately held corporation based in Marietta, GA which specializes in the manufacture of light gage expanded metal used in the support of HVAC filtration.

As a result of the Tax Cut and Job Act recently enacted by the Trump Administration, we are pleased to announce that ETI will give each of its 77 employees a bonus of $500 cash along with an additional sum for each year of service.” — Statement by Jean-Luc Liverato of Expanded Technologies, Inc.

Fairfield Insulation and Drywall (Lancaster, Ohio) – Because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the company was able to expand their life insurance benefits and increase their 401(k) match:

Fairfield Insulation and Drywall, a small Ohio-based company, was able to expand life insurance benefits for its employees last year. This year, it will increase its 401(k) match. – April 14, 2019, Fox Business Network article.

Ferroloy (Kansas) — Doubled the size of its workforce:

Ferroloy, a Kansas-based small business that manufactures ductile and gray iron castings, was once on the verge of bankruptcy. But with the help of tax reform, they have doubled the size of their workforce and are in the process of dramatically expanding their facilities.

“We could tell in early 2018 that activity was picking up, so we added a second shift and more than doubled our workforce by the end of the year,” Soucie explained.

Soucie cited tax reform as a significant driver in allowing Ferroloy’s expansion plans to move faster than they otherwise would. More importantly, tax reform has ushered in the strongest economy in more than a decade, which is impacting Ferroloy by increasing demand for their products.

“To me, tax reform is an opportunity to level the playing field,” Soucie explained. “Large businesses have a significant competitive advantage due to scale and capability relative to smaller businesses. Over 50 percent of our working population is employed in small businesses. If you want small businesses to grow and prosper in this country, we need laws, like tax reform, that can drive economic growth and drive business.”

In Soucie’s eyes, keeping tax reform on the books is a no-brainer.

“I don’t understand why some people in Washington want to roll back something that allows small businesses to compete,” Soucie added. “Maybe it’s me being politically naïve, but economically, tax reform that allows small businesses to compete just makes sense.” –June 5, 2019 National Association of Manufacturers Shop Floor Blog

FireBird Bronze (Damascus, Oregon) manufactures casting artwork:

We are a small manufacturing business casting artwork for artist in bronze we have 9 employees and because of the tax cuts and the current business friendly climate we are for the first time offering employees health care insurance costing our company 40k per year.  – Rip Caswell, FireBird Bronze

First Solar (Perrysburg, Ohio) manufactures solar panels:

First Solar cited two reasons for the expansion, more than doubling the company’s output: along with higher solar demand, it pointed to changes in the corporate tax rate. Combined with the tariff decision six months ago, the solar company has benefited from the Trump Administration’s decisions.

The expansion will cost $400 million, with a workforce of approximately 500 associates and an annual payroll of approximately $30 million. The company said via a statement it “has options for potential further manufacturing expansion in the future,” depending on domestic demand for panels.

First Solar says it has invested approximately $3 billion in Ohio since the company’s inception, and state and local officials have worked with the company to create a “business-friendly environment.” – June 13, 2018, Utility Dive article

Flavorchem Corp. (Downers Grove, Illinois) — Because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the company was able to make a $4 million investment in new equipment.

“During the visit, Flavorchem announced a previously-undisclosed $4 million investment in new equipment helped made possible due to the historic tax reform law enacted last year. Roskam was able to view the upgraded spray dryer and air pollution control device while touring the facility.

 Rep. Roskam’s leadership on tax reform supported our long-term, community-focused strategic plan of making a $4 million expansion of our production and enabled us to keep our strong commitment to meeting the highest standards of quality, safety and supply chain contingency, said Ken Malinowski, President of Flavorchem Corporation.” — July 2, 2018 NAM Shopfloor Blog


Footwork International Inc. (Torrance, California) – Was able to create new jobs and increase wages because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act:

“Tax Reform allows my business options to exercise many small business struggles with high tax rate,” said Jim Wang, owner of Footwork International Inc. in Torrance, California. “By allowing higher retaining income rate, this enables us to exercise growth options such as staffing, wage increase, purchasing power to keep our business competitive both domestically and globally.”– March 23, 2018, NFIB article.

GE Appliances (Louisville, Kentucky) manufactures kitchen appliances: 

With help from the GOP tax cuts, GE Appliances is investing $200 million in U.S. manufacturing operations and adding 400 jobs. – October 18, 2018, ATR blog post  

Global Water Services (Lisbon, Iowa) — Hired new employees and built a new warehouse because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

When small business owners anticipated how much they would save in taxes under the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, many reinvested those savings in their businesses and their employees.

 The owner of Global Water Services in  Lisbon, Keith Huebner, built a new warehouse and added employees. — June 3, 2019, Des Moines Register


Goad Company (Independence, Missouri) manufactures corrosion-resistant tanks and a nationally recognized tank lining applicators:

$1,000 bonuses to employees.

Great Southern Wood Preserving, Inc. (Abbeville, Alabama) manufactures lumber products:

Great Southern Wood Preserving, Incorporated, has begun an active and ongoing process to increase employee benefits by reinvesting its tax savings in its people, the company has announced. The company expects full implementation to take place in 2018.

In late 2017, Congress passed and the President signed into law legislation providing significant tax breaks for corporations. Across America, many companies have chosen a variety of options for applying these savings, such as providing one-time bonuses to employees, increasing charitable giving and reinvesting in facilities upgrades.

For its part, Great Southern Wood will make investments on an ongoing basis to lower healthcare costs for eligible employees, allow employees to accrue more paid time off based on length of service, develop scholarships for dependents of employees and enhance other benefits going forward.

“I’m very pleased that every employee across the company will see the results of the change in tax laws,” said Jimmy Rane, Great Southern Wood’s founder, president and CEO. “The success we’ve enjoyed as a company comes from every one of us working hard and doing our part, and I can’t think of a better way to apply our tax savings than by further investing in benefits programs for our employees. We strive to be an employer that draws the best and brightest to our company, and we believe that providing stronger benefits is essential to this continuing effort.”

Great Southern employs almost 1,200 at locations in eleven states. [Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Florida] — March 29, 2018 Great Southern Wood Preserving, Inc. press release

Geetings, Inc. (Pella, Iowa) — Was able to purchase new semitrailers and give employees raises because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

When small business owners anticipated how much they would save in taxes under the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, many reinvested those savings in their businesses and their employees. 

Lana Pol, who owns several small businesses including Geetings, Inc., a transportation firm in Pella, says she gave employees raises and purchased six new semitrailers. — June 3, 2019 Des Moines Register

Guy Chemical Company Inc. (Somerset, Pennsylvania) manufactures silicone sealants, silicone greases and two part epoxy adhesives.

Guy Chemical is increasing bonuses between 25 – 50%, increasing wages and investing in new equipment. So far in 2018 we bought a new forklift, furnished a new laboratory and updated some of our computer equipment. We have also invested in a new ERP software system to run our company. – April 4, 2018 statement to Americans for Tax Reform from Guy Berkebile, President of Guy Chemical Company Inc.

Hancock Lumber (Casco, Maine) — Used savings from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to increase wages, increase 401k contributions, increase holiday bonuses, as well as cover 100% of annual health insurance increases. 

“It’s pretty straightforward,” said Hancock Lumber CEO Kevin Hancock. “As a result of tax reform, our cumulative tax rate fell from 38 percent to 28 percent. We’re keeping a dime-on-a-dollar more of our earnings. And we’ve reinvested 100 percent of that back into the business.”

“The first priority of the company is, and always has been, the people who work here,” said Hancock. “In the twelve months following tax reform we increased our employees’ wages. We increased our 401k contribution. We increased our annual bonuses, we increased our holiday bonuses, and we picked up 100 percent of the cost of our annual health insurance increases.”

“We’ve been able to accelerate our reinvestment plans,” said Hancock. “Tax reform is allowing us to do in three years what might’ve taken us four to five years to do otherwise. That’s pretty significant.” 

“Most importantly, this isn’t a one-time boost. Tax reform’s benefits will show up every single year in the future,” said Hancock. “It’s strengthening our future plans as much as our present plans. Simply put, any time a good company is able to keep more of its own money, good things happen.” — Aug. 20, 2019 NAM Shopfloor Blog 

Harris Corporation (Melbourne, Florida) manufactures tactical radios, assured communication systems and related products:

Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS) today announced that, as a result of the passage of the tax reform bill, the company anticipates making an additional contribution to its employee pension fund, increasing its investment in research and development, and providing a one-time stock grant to all of its non-executive employees. The actions are expected to occur within the company’s fiscal 2018.

To increase current and former employee retirement stability, Harris anticipates contributing an additional $300 million into the company’s employee pension fund.

The company also will invest an incremental $20 million in technologies to accelerate innovation and affordability initiatives for its customers. This investment in research and development will leverage and enhance the company’s strong engineering talent, strengthen Harris’ position and help it capture new market opportunities in areas such as small satellites, software defined electronic warfare systems, open systems avionics, robotics and air traffic management solutions.

In addition, the company will grant each of its approximately 17,000 non-executive employees 10 shares of Harris common stock that will vest over two years. The grants have a current market value of about $1,470 each, or approximately $24 million in total.

“We are pleased to share the benefits of our strong performance and the recent tax reform legislation with our employees,” said William M. Brown, chairman, president and chief executive officer. “This represents an investment in Harris’ greatest asset and differentiator – our talented employees. Coupled with our innovation and technology investment, we are using this opportunity to further strengthen the company and position Harris for future success.” — Jan. 30, 2018 Harris Corporation press release

Haworth Inc. (Holland, Michigan) manufactures adaptable workspaces including raised floors, movable walls, office furniture and seating:

Matt Haworth, chairman of the family-owned company, announced to staff on Wednesday, Jan. 24, that full time employees would receive one-time bonuses of $1,000, and part-timers would collect $500.

More than 4,500 employees who work for Haworth-branded companies around the globe will collect the rare bonus.

Matt Haworth says the company is able to make the $5 million investment because of several factors including strong 2017 revenues which will be announced next month and an improved business climate state and nationally. The latter he attributes to a rollback of regulations and taxes, which lower company’s operational costs. – Jan. 25, 2018 Grand Rapid News article excerpts

Hudson Facades (Linwood, Pennsylvania)  manufactures facades:

“We raised wages, yes,” said Allen Cohen, managing partner of New Hudson Facades, of the approximate 5 percent raise given to employees. “In addition to that, Related Companies [a partner company] has given every factory employee, $3,000 in their 401(k).” – Feb. 20 2018, WHYY article excerpt

Huntington Ingalls Industries (Newport News, Virginia) manufactures military ships:

Workers at Huntington Ingalls Industries will receive a one-time bonus in the company’s response to the federal Tax Reform Act.

A $500 bonus will be given to all employees except for those who work through an incentive plan.

HII is the parent company of Ingalls Shipbuilding, which employs about 11,500 workers and is the largest manufacturing employer in Mississippi.

HII President and CEO Mike Petters announced the news Thursday in a letter provided to the Sun Herald.

The bonus one of several contributions the company plans to make, according to Petters’ letter. – Feb. 15, 2018 Sun Herald article

IDEXX Laboratories Inc. (Westbrook, Maine) manufactures diagnostic tests for pets, poultry and livestock as well as quality and safety tests for water and milk:

IDEXX Laboratories Inc. (NASDAQ: IDXX), Maine’s largest publicly traded company, on Thursday announced plans to share the benefits of federal tax reform with employees by paying more into their retirement plans.

For every dollar a 401(k) participant contributes, the Westbrook-based company will match that amount dollar-for-dollar up to 5% of an employee’s salary.

The company said the move is a reinvestment of financial benefits realized from US. tax reform to help employees save for retirement, and that 90% of its U.S. employees participate in its 401(k) program.

“IDEXX strives to create long-term value for our employees, customers and shareholders, and we believe in providing benefits to our employees that allow them to invest in their future,” said Giovani Twigge, IDEXX’s chief human resources officer, in a statement.

He added: “This 401(k) plan increase for our U.S. employees — nearly 2,500 of which are based here in Westbrook, Maine—is yet another example of this commitment of creating long-term value for our employees.”

IDEXX makes diagnostic tests for pets, poultry and livestock as well as quality and safety tests for water and milk. It employs more than 7,000 people worldwide and has customers in over 175 countries.

As of Thursday’s market close, the company was valued at around $16.9 billion.”— Feb. 2 2018, Mainebiz news article excerpt

Industrial Weldors & Machinists (Duluth, Minnesota) manufactures custom industrial equipment parts:

“This is an American success story of generations,” Pence said of IWM, a third-generation family business that gets 70 percent of its work by rebuilding massive rock crushers used to extract taconite iron ore on the Iron Range.

Trump tax cuts helped the business and its employees, Pence said — including thousands of dollars in investments by the company into IWM employee pensions earlier this year.

“That’s what it’s all about,” Pence said.

It was an easy fact to check after the vice president’s remarks. All four sibling owners of the company were on hand — Dawn Bergh and her brothers Rick, Rob and Randy Abernethy. Bergh confirmed the pension investments for the company’s 32 employees.

“The boilermakers’ pension is in the toilet,” Bergh said. “They’re worried about it. We wanted to give them something that would keep them around. It’s really hard to get employees. We’re hiring right now for both a welder and a machinist.” –August 8, 2018, Twin Cities Pioneer Press article excerpt

Johnson & Johnson (New Brunswick, New Jersey) manufacturers a broad range of products used in the baby care, oral care, beauty, over-the-counter pharmaceutical, women’s health and wound care markets; products used for immunology, infectious diseases and vaccines, neuroscience, oncology, and cardiovascular and metabolic diseases; and a broad range of products used in the orthopaedic, surgery, cardiovascular, diabetes care and vision care fields:

“Now regarding tax reform, what we said from the very beginning is that one of the major reasons, in addition to lowering the rate, is just frankly the flexibility that it provides us, and we think it actually helps make us more competitive, particularly on an international level if we happen to be in a competitive situation with other companies because now we have greater flexibility on how we can access that cash. So we think net-net, it’s a positive for us. As you heard Dominic [J&J CFO] mention earlier, regarding the more immediate tax reform impact, we think that the — the wise thing to do is to invest a good portion of that back into R&D. If you look over the past several years, the output, the productivity, particularly in our pharmaceutical pipeline, but also in others of our investments in R&D, we think, have been at the high end. And we think ultimately doing that, we’ll have the greatest impact on our business, will help us get out to better serve underserved needs around the globe, and that’s where we’re heading in that direction.” – CEO Alex Gorsky

“We are pleased by the final passage of the U.S. tax cuts and jobs act.” – CFO Dominic Caruso

Jamison Door (Hagerstown, Maryland) manufactures cold storage doors, high speed fabric doors, sound reduction doors, recirculatory air doors, RFID portals and other new technologies:

Jamison Door, which manufactures temperature-controlled doors, has been a family-owned business since 1906. The company’s commitment to the men and women on its shop floor means that every single employee is sharing in the benefits of tax reform.

Jamison’s 120 employees received two bonuses, each equivalent to one week’s salary—first in August, in anticipation of tax reform, and again in February, after the new law took effect.

That is just the beginning: this year, Jamison plans to do even more, offering another raise to its employees.

Jamison Door is also taking advantage of tax reform and using its tax savings to reinvest in its business. That means growing its facilities, investing in new technology and creating skilled jobs in the Hagerstown plant.

Over the next year, Jamison is adding more than 50,000 square feet in new manufacturing space.

“Right now, we’re in the process of adding a significant-sized facility to add different product lines,” added Chairman and CEO John Williams, referencing his company’s plan to expand a product line of high-speed roll-up doors. “It’s a 400 percent increase in plant size.”

“We are spending about $1.5 million on new state-of-the-art equipment in our main plant, which makes foamed-in-place cold storage doors, and more than $3.5 million on the new plant for high-speed roll-up doors. These are significant investments for a company our size, and we feel comfortable making these investments because of the favorable business climate and the benefits of the lower tax rates.”

Expanding the company’s facilities also means Jamison will need more workers, and it plans to increase hiring dramatically. Over the next three years, Jamison plans to increase its workforce by more than 115 percent.

“Tax reform has absolutely made it more feasible to undertake these projects,” explained Williams. “Tax reform is necessary for us to keep expanding and to keep our business strong.” – July 5, 2018, National Association of Manufacturers article excerpt

Jergens, Inc. (Cleveland, Ohio) manufactures tooling components, fasteners and hoist rings:

Thanks to the tax package, Jergens took what would normally be a cost of living increase for its workers, doubled it and built it in as a permanent part of wages, rather than making it a one-time bonus as some companies did. That means a worker making $25 an hour got a raise of about $2,000 a year. – Feb. 4, 2018 article excerpt

JSW USA (Mingo Junction, Ohio) — Committed to $1 billion of new investment in the USA in addition to the hiring or re-skilling of 500 workers:

Today JSW USA CEO John Hritz and Ryan Brindley, an employee at their Mingo Junction, Ohio, state-of-the-art steel mill met with President Trump, Vice President Pence, Ivanka Trump, and other cabinet officials and governors at the White House to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Pledge to American Workers. 

Hritz, who signed the Pledge in January committing to $1 billion of new investment in the United States and the hiring or re-skilling of 500 workers, visited with the President to show his support for the employees of JSW USA and to ensure Administration policies continue supporting a strong steel industry in America. — July 25, 2019 Business Wire

Kaman Corp. (Bloomfield, Connecticut) manufactures helicopters and aviation accessories:

Bloomfield manufacturer Kaman Corp. says it’s joining the list of U.S. employers sharing the wealth with workers in the wake of federal tax reform.

The maker-supplier of aeroparts, custom aircraft and power-distribution products disclosed Wednesday that about 2,400 workers who were on its payroll on or before Oct. 1, 2017 and who earned less $75,000 a year are eligible for a $1,000 bonus. However, each must remain on the payroll through Aug. 31 to collect, CEO Neal J. Keating told staff in a memo. – April 18, 2018, Hartford Business Journal article excerpt

Kalmbach Feeds (Upper Sandusky, Ohio) – Invested in new equipment and capital improvements because of tax reform.

“I want to thank Rep. Bob Latta for his role in the successful efforts to reduce taxes and regulations, said Paul Kalmbach, President and CEO of Kalmbach Feeds. These reforms have made it easier for Kalmbach Feeds to invest in new equipment and capital improvements. Congressman Latta’s efforts have assisted in supporting a healthier manufacturing climate in Ohio and across the United States.” — August 23, 2018 NAM Shopfloor Blog

Kanga Roof (Austin, Texas) – Tripled their revenue and was able to double their payroll.

“Round Rock roofing business co-owner Stacie Feller credited Trump with boosting businesses’ confidence.

“She and her husband Scott’s Kanga Roof Austin has has more than tripled its revenue and more than doubled its payroll, to 24 employees, since January 2017, she said.”

“I’m very proud to say with some of the tax cuts, some of the things, this year, 2019, was the first year we were able to offer health insurance and a simple [Individual Retirement Account] plan for our employees,” she said. “We just couldn’t afford it before.” — Aug. 29, 2019 Dallas Morning News article

Kevin-Charles Furniture (New Albany, Mississippi) – 5 percent employee pay raises, new facility investments:


Kevin-Charles Furniture in New Albany opened its doors in 2002 with just six employees. The New Albany-based furniture manufacturer has grown to 65 employees. Company President Rusty Berryhill said 2018 is going to be a good year for the company and its employees because of the new tax law. Kevin-Charles Furniture will be among the companies in Mississippi and across the nation who will have their corporate tax rate reduced from 35 percent to 21 percent.


The tax credits available for investment in equipment will make it possible for the company to purchase additional machinery. “We’re really excited about the tax bill and what it is going to do for our operation,” Rusty said. “I applaud the efforts of Congress to build back a business climate that makes it easier to invest in our people and facilities.”


Additionally, the tax savings made it easier for Kevin-Charles Furniture to give employees a five percent pay raise. Carol Crisel, a seamstress for Kevin-Charles Furniture, has worked at the New Albany operation for 15 years. She and her husband are helping to raise two of their grandchildren. Carol said she is thankful that the new tax law made it possible for the pay increase. Doubling the child tax credit from $1,000 to $2,000 for each child is also going to be a tremendous help. – January 9, 2018, Rep. Trent Kelly letter excerpt


Ketchie (Concord, North Carolina) — $500,000 capital investment in equipment:

“Because of this huge demand, Ketchie was able to make a number of capital investments,” Silver said. 

Silver said the company had it’s best year in history, with sales increasing by 25% year after year. — June 19, 2019 National Association of Manufacturers Shop Floor Blog

Kris-Tech Wire (Rome, New York) manufactures copper wire:

On the tour, Graham Brodock the President and CEO informed Rep. Tenney that Kris-Tech Wire has reinvested in the company as a result of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Kris-Tech is building an addition and acquiring new equipment-thanks to the newly created ability to write off equipment charges. Kris-Tech has over 400 employees and a deep commitment to continuing to invest in the facility and employees here in Rome. – August 2, 2018, Rep. Claudia Tenney press release excerpt

Lawrence Paper Company (Lawrence, Kansas) manufactures corrugated boxes, retail packaging and display products for industrial, commercial, or retail use:

The tax bill signed by President Donald Trump last month was met with mixed reviews by some wondering who it would truly benefit, but the Lawrence Paper Company who employs three-hundred workers throughout its Freemont, Nebraska, Lawrence and Hutchinson locations is confident the tax bill will contribute to their future success as a business.

“Assuming you’ve got the same amount coming in then obviously you’re going to make more as a company that we can then again do three things, reinvest it into the business, into your people or pass it along to your shareholders,” says Tony Schleich, president of the Hutchinson company division.

Re-investing into its employees is the first step company owners took. This week, they surprised their 300 workers with the news each would receive a $500 bonus.

Employees like Josh Marshall were surprised at the news.

“This money is going to help me recover from the holidays and everything like that,” Marshall said. – Jan. 10 CBS KWCH Channel 12 news report

Lee Container Company (Homerville, Georgia) manufactures polyethylene plastic containers:

“Lee Container Company in Homerville, which I visited a couple of weeks ago, said the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act will enable them to purchase more equipment and grow their business.” – March 20, 2018, Rep. Buddy Carter statement on House floor

LiDestri Food and Drink (Rochester, New York) manufactures food, beverages, and spirits:

The Rochester based producer of food, beverages and spirits gave all of their 1,200 employees at each of their five U.S. facilities an extra full paycheck.

They were notified on Wednesday that their mid-month paycheck had been doubled, because of strong company performance and the recently approved federal tax legislation.

“When we learned that the recent tax cuts would provide the company with some unaccounted-for funds, we immediately thought it should be shared with our workforce,” said Co-President Stefani LiDestri. “It just so happened that it came together on Valentine’s Day, the perfect time to let our employees know how much they mean to us.”

She said that the recent federal tax cuts will provide some unaccounted for funds, and the company thought it should be shared with the workforce.

Locally, LiDestri has facilities in Fairport and at the Eastman Business Park. – Feb. 15, 2018 WXXI news article

Lima Pallet Company (Lima, Ohio) manufactures custom wood pallets and crates:

Lima business owner Tracie Sanchez said the tax cut has helped her business. Now she’s adding 15-20 jobs and finishing a half a million dollar expansion project.

“Within probably the first week, we ended up giving all of our employees a raise, which has been much needed,” said Sanchez, president, and owner of Lima Pallet Company. “We haven’t been able to do that for several years in a row. We also invested in some equipment. We hope to have that hooked up here within the next 30 days.”

Portman said growth can already be seen and more is expected. – March 26, 2018 WLIO News article excerpt

Loenbro (Great Falls, Montana) manufactures pressure vessels and tanks:

“Other Montana businesses are making investments thanks to tax reform. Loenbro, a Great Falls industrial construction and manufacturing firm that employs more than 600, said the tax reform immediately added 15 percent to their bottom line. Tax reform is leading them to increase worker benefits, enhance training programs, and invest in construction equipment that will create more jobs. – June 19, 2018, Rep. Greg Gianforte statement on U.S. House Floor

Mack Molding (Arlington, Vermont) is a full service contract manufacturer:

Mack Molding, an injection molder and contract manufacturer based in Vermont, announced this week that it is investing $5.4 million to upgrade two existing facilities in response to “favorable tax changes” and a surging economy. – July 16, 2018 National Association of Manufacturers Shopfloor Blog article excerpt

Marlin Steel (Baltimore, Maryland) manufactures  custom wire baskets, wire forms, sheet metal and engineering products:

At Marlin Steel, which only buys American steel and exports to 39 countries, we have already done just that. We increased our workforce by 10 percent to manage more than $1 million in new USA-made equipment. Tax reform gave us the confidence to make these important investments — investments not just in our company but in the lives of hardworking Marylanders. One of the machines we bought makes products here in Baltimore that we will export to Mexico two times a week.

Our existing employees are also better off, given that tax cuts mean they are taking home more money in their paychecks. It’s a little extra security after years of economic anxiety and uncertainty. One of our employees put the savings toward buying his new house. Some of our new employees hired since tax reform have also achieved important life goals: One bought a car; another moved to a new apartment; and a third is able to pay off debt, support his daughter and move to a new apartment. – June 21, 2018, Baltimore Sun article excerpt

McKee Foods (Collegedale, Tennessee) manufactures American snack food and granola:

McKee Foods employees came to work Tuesday, April 3, expecting a routine day baking and packaging products such as Little Debbie Chocolate Cupcakes, Donut Sticks and Honeybuns, and were surprised with an unexpected $1,000 cash award for full-time employees and $500 for part-time employees.

“The recent federal tax legislation will provide benefits to the company and will allow us to invest back into the business,” said Mike McKee, president and CEO. “The first thing we thought about was investing in our employees.”

The announcement and disbursements of checks coincided with the company’s routine, yearly Spring Report Meetings, where all employees are invited to hear an update on the company from leadership. Attendance is optional and on-the-clock.

“We decided to keep this a tightly-guarded secret to make it more fun and impactful,” said Debbie McKee-Fowler, executive vice president. “Except for our September Profit-Sharing Meetings, this is about the most fun I’ve had at work in my entire career.” Ms. McKee-Fowler and other members of the McKee family helped pass out checks. Some employees were puzzled when members of the Payroll Department showed up to help pass out T-shirts, but in general the secret was well-kept and well-guarded, said officials.

McKee Foods employees received a one-time lump some cash award of $1,000 for all full-time, regular employees; $500 for all part-time, regular employees; and, $250 for all spare, limited, and provisional employees, who were employed on or before Friday, March 23.

Employees were very happy with the surprise. Comments ranged from, “I had some unexpected things happen last week that had me strapped; this will help a lot.”  To simply, “Thank you.” – April 12, 2018 news article excerpt

MEC Aerial Work Platforms (Kerman, California) manufactures line of scissor lifts, boom lifts, and telehandler products:

Company owner David White says the tax cut legislation deserves some of the credit for a boost in sales and hiring.

“Its more of an indirect effect, and as the economy has improved, and as there are more new construction starts, and our products are used in that new construction, they are used in industrial construction, and upgrades. So that has resulted in increased production, increased sales volume, which has directly affected us of course.”

White says sales are way up and he’s given each of the 130 employees a $1,000 bonus. – May 2, 2018, ABC 30 Actions article excerpt

Melaleuca (Idaho Falls, Idaho) manufactures health and cleaning products:

Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot sent a Tweet today announcing that Melaleuca employees will receive bonuses of $100 for every year they’ve been with the company. He then challenged all Idaho employers to share the wealth from the GOP tax bill and pass along the tax rate cut to those who built their businesses.

Melaleuca employees will receive bonuses of $100 for every year of service to the company, meaning that five-year employees receive $500, 10-year employees receive $1,000 and 20-year employees receive $2,000. Melaleuca has approximately 2,000 U.S. employees. – December 21, 2017, Idaho State Journal article excerpt

Metallix (Shrewsbury, New Jersey) is a precious metal recycling manufacturer:

First order of business? Giving each of Metallix’s 98 workers a $1,000 bonus, an unexpected surprise that came just days after tax reform took effect.

“From the outset, the company wanted to share the benefits of tax reform with our employees,” said Maria Piastre, president of Metallix. “On February 14, every employee received a net $1,000 after-tax bonus in response to tax reform. Coming so soon after our usual end-of-year bonuses, it was completely unexpected by Metallix employees, and we were all very happy to receive it.”

Metallix wasn’t shy about tying these bonuses directly to tax reform. Each employee also received a letter from Metallix owner Eric Leiner, who explained that tax reform was going to mean a big boost to the company—and that he wanted to make sure employees were receiving their share of the good fortune. Metallix employees clearly took this sentiment to heart.

Piastre said that, months after the bonuses were given out, many employees still had Leiner’s letter hung proudly at their desks.

Piastre also explained that Metallix was using some of the benefits of tax reform to grow their business—and that significant investments were now more feasible because the company’s taxes had been so substantially lowered. – August 2, 2018, National Association of Manufacturers Shopfloor Blog article excerpt

Mid-AM Metal Forming (Rogersville, Missouri) manufactures metal fabrications:

Mid-AM Metal Forming is giving its 140 employees cash bonuses.

The local company is one of many companies, like Jet Blue and AT&T, giving employees a bonus because of the tax law reform.

“Mid-AM Metal Forming is excited about the positive implications the tax reform package will have both on the manufacturing industry and its employees,” President Steve Johnson said in a news release. “We have very dedicated employees that assist in making us a success. We are excited to surprise all of them with this reward.”

The company does metal stretch forming, bending, metal fabrication and painting services, according to the news release, serving aerospace, automotive, marine and architectural purposes. – Jan. 6 2018, article excerpt

Miles Fiberglass (Oregon City, Oregon) manufactures fiberglass:

 Lori Miles-Olund, who is the president of the family-owned business that her father founded in 1963, explained how Miles Fiberglass plans to pass along the benefits to its employees:

Miles Fiberglass also plans to expand its facilities and workforce dramatically. “We anticipate our sales to double this year due to the economic climate,” Miles-Olund told the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), adding that demand for composite component parts is “far more than we’d seen in the past.” – June 1, 2018, National Association of Manufacturers Shopfloor Blog article excerpt

Mincey Marble (Gainesville, Georgia) manufactures cast marble products:

“As the owner of a family business, I want to share how tax reform is benefitting Americans at every level. Companies big and small are passing along tax savings to the workers who help build our economy. I hope that the bonuses Mincey Marble is providing encourage other businesses in our great state to pay it forward, because the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is the kind of meaningful change that can help transform communities by bringing relief to American workers and families,” said [Mincey Marble President and CEO Donna] Mincey.

Employees at Mincey Marble will receive bonuses of up to $1,000 depending on their length of service with the company. Even employees hired this year will see a bonus, and the checks are scheduled to arrive during the week of Valentine’s Day as a sign of the company’s appreciation for its associates. – Jan. 31 2018,  press release

Mill Steel Company (Grand Rapids, Michigan) manufactures hot-rolled, cold-rolled, painted, and coated steel:

Mill Steel Co., one of the nation’s largest distributors of flat-rolled carbon steel, is pleased to award a $1,000 bonus to all 400 of its full-time associates following the tax cut passed by Congress and signed by President Trump.

Mill Steel announced this morning that all full-time associates across its nine operations nationwide, no matter each individual’s seniority, will receive a one-time bonus from the recent tax overhaul that reduces corporate tax rates. – Feb. 8 2018, Mill Steel Company press release excerpt

Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation (West Columbia, South Carolina) generic respiratory medication/inhalation solutions:

Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation (Nephron) CEO Lou Kennedy today announced five percent increases for all employees with the exception of commissioned employees.  The raises are a direct result of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that was signed into law last week by President Donald Trump.

“We are excited that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has given us an opportunity to recognize their hard work and sacrifices with well-deserved raises,” said Lou Kennedy, CEO of Nephron. – Dec. 27 2017, Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation press release

Nine Line Apparel (Savannah, Georgia) manufactures clothing:

“The bonuses range from $500 to $20,000” – March 28, 2018, Rep Buddy Carter video excerpt

Nucor Corp. (Charlotte, North Carolina) — Because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the company is expecting to build a new steel-plate mill in the United States which will create 400 new jobs:

Nucor Corp. announced plans on Jan. 7 to build a $1.35 billion steel-plate mill in the United States that would create approximately 400 new jobs.

Nucor’s CEO, John Ferriola, attributed the expansion to President Donald Trump’s policies. Trump pushed through a significant tax cut for business in 2017 and imposed tariffs on foreign steel to protect American manufacturers.

“This administration is taking the decisive and meaningful actions that American manufacturers need to compete on a level playing field,” Ferriola said in a statement.

“Tax reform, continued improvements to our regulatory approach and strong trade enforcement are giving businesses like ours the confidence to make long-term capital investments here in the U.S. that create jobs and ensure our success for decades to come.” — July 24, 2019, Epoch Times Article

Overseas Hardwoods Company (Stockton, Alabama) manufacturers of high performance hardwood lumber products for the Marine, Millwork, Outdoor Living, and Transportation industries:

$1,000 tax reform bonuses to employees.

Novelis, Inc. (Atlanta, Georgia) manufactures aluminum rolled products:

Since 2008 manufacturing in the United States has added more than a million new jobs, and today that momentum continued with a major announcement by Novelis, Inc.—spurred on, in part, by the recently enacted tax reform legislation.

The global leader in aluminum rolled products and the world’s largest recycler of aluminum broke ground this week on its $300 million automotive aluminum sheet manufacturing facility in Guthrie, Kentucky. This new investment, made possible due to tax reform and a “favorable economic environment,” will create approximately 125 new jobs. – May 14, 2018 National Association of Manufacturers blog post

Pan Am Systems, Inc. (North Billerica, Massachusetts) manufactures wood products including railroad ties:

Pan Am Systems, Inc. is a diversified holding company. Its subsidiaries include Pan Am Railways – the nation’s largest regional rail carrier by mileage operating in five states; Perma Treat Corporation – a wood products manufacturer, including railroad ties, and Pan Am Brands, a trademark licensing company.

In an effort to highlight the benefits of the landmark Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (“TCJA”), Pan Am Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce that it will be issuing a one-time bonus of $1,100.00 to each employee of the company and its subsidiaries, effective today. This bonus is intended to; (a) acknowledge the importance of our employees; and (b) provide those employees with additional compensation to use as they elect.

As noted by the President, the TCJA is intended to make resources available for investment by businesses that will have downstream effects of expanding and creating wealth among all citizens. Pan Am shares this goal and is committed to future capital investment to foster growth of the company. Pan Am strongly believes that programs such as the TCJA and the 45G tax credit, supported by continued reduction in overly burdensome regulations, provide substantial incentives for investment in America’s growth. – May 23, 2018 Pan Am Systems, Inc. press release

Pivot Manufacturing (Phoenix, Arizona) manufactures industrial machinery:

Two high-speed machines arrived less than a month after the president signed the tax bill. The law lets Macias avoid paying federal tax on 20 percent of his company’s income. – May 16, 2018, article excerpt

Plexus Corp. (Neenah, Wisconsin) manufactures electronics industry products:

“In order to reward employees for their contributions towards Plexus’ success, Plexus will provide existing, full-time, non-executive employees a one-time cash bonus.  This bonus will be provided in the fiscal second quarter to nearly 16,000 employees, totaling approximately $13 million.” – Feb. 20 2018, Plexus press release excerpt

Pratt Industries (Conyers, Georgia) manufactures corrugated packaging:

Anthony Pratt, the richest person in Australia, will be investing nearly $2 billion in the U.S. in hopes of creating new jobs and doubling American food production – and he credits it all to President Trump’s business-friendly Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

The tax overhaul slashed the corporate tax rate to 21% from 35% in hopes of making the U.S. more competitive with foreign countries.

“It’s going to lead to a tsunami of investment in the United States,” he said during an interview with FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on Tuesday. “We make corrugated boxes, everything that’s manufactured goes in a box. So we think we’re a barometer of the economy.”

The billionaire cardboard king hopes to add 5,000 jobs more to the economy with his latest investment. – June 26, 2018 Fox Business Network article excerpt

Power Curbers, Inc. (Salisbury, North Carolina) — Added new jobs, added bonuses for workers, and is investing more in research and development because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. 

“All of us at Power Curbers Companies are pleased with Rep. Budd’s vote to enact the new tax law, said Dyke Messinger, President of Power Curbers, Inc. Our employment has grown since the law was enacted; we paid a bonus for 2017 and will pay another bonus for the first six months of 2018. In addition, we are investing heavily in R&D, which will continue to strengthen the company for the long term.” — July 2, 2018 NAM Shopfloor Blog

Quake Manufacturing (Fort Wayne, Indiana) manufactures fixtures, gauges, tools, prototype parts, and quality machined parts:

“Quake realized there was some extra money after Trump’s tax plan took over. So he decided to give it back to his 12 employees. “I’ve managed to add long-term disability, short-term disability, dental insurance.”

Plus everyone gets a $1,000 bonus and a paid gym membership. A nice surprise on their next check. “I want to reward the guys. Guys have been working hard. A lot of guys have been putting in a lot of overtime. I just don’t see any reason not to kick back to them.” – Feb. 21 2018, article excerpt  

RGF Environmental Group, Inc. (Riviera Beach, Florida) manufactures catalytic oxidation systems for total organic oxidation:

“We, as a privately held manufacturing firm in Riviera Beach, Florida, will benefit greatly from the Tax Reform act recently passed. Because of this savings, we have given all our employees a $1,000 Bonus (This is in addition to their 2017 year-end bonuses. – Sharon B. Rinehimer, Executive Vice President/General Counsel, RGF Environmental Group, Inc.

Rockford Ball Screw (Rockford, Illinois) linear motion solutions including ball screws and guide rails:

Linda McGary broke ground Thursday on a 30,000-square-foot expansion at Rockford Ball Screw, the manufacturing firm her father launched in 1973 in the basement of their family home.

McGary, 56, is quick to point out that she’s neither an engineer nor a skilled machinist, but she has a clear vision for Rockford Ball Screw: growth.

The company of 70 employees is looking to hire 25 more as part of the expansion — to be completed by mid-November — at its 60,000-square-foot plant in Southrock Industrial Park. Manufacturers often green light expansions after landing a big purchase order that will outpace present capacity, but that’s not the case with Rockford Ball Screw.

Fueling her company’s expansion, McGary said, are lower corporate tax rates and rules under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signed into law last year by President Donald Trump. And Rockford Ball Screw has a promising shot, she said, at reviving a business relationship with a firm that years ago was one of its biggest customers. – June 28, 2018, Rockford Register Star article excerpt

Rockwell Automation (Twinsburg, Ohio) — Because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the company was able to raise wages, add new jobs, and buy new equipment.

“Manufacturing’s success hinges on having a highly skilled production workforce that supports the advanced technologies that are essential to modern manufacturing competitiveness, said Bruce Quinn, Rockwell Automation vice president of public affairs. No matter how much you automate, people remain your most important asset. We are confident that the impact of U.S. tax reform on our customers could strengthen our future performance. Corporate tax reform enables us to use excess cash to invest in organic growth and acquisitions.” — August 13, 2019 NAM Shopfloor Blog

Sabel Steel (Montgomery, Alabama) manufactures metal based products for various industries including agriculture, oil, gas, mining, transportation, & paper mills:

Montgomery, Alabama’s, Sabel Steel is investing heavily in expanding its facilities—which means new jobs, new investment and large pay raises for most of its 230 employees across the South.

“When you’re a business, there are a lot of things to consider,” said Keith Sabel, president and CEO of Sabel Steel. “Taxes are a large part of it.”

Because the tax rate for companies like Sabel Steel—a family-owned steel distributor—has been lowered under tax reform, Sabel is able to maximize the benefits for his company.

First on the list? Rewarding the employees who work hard every day to make Sabel Steel successful.

“We gave a raise to everyone across the board,” said Sabel. “We improved everyone’s pay. We have incentives for as many workers as possible. If they meet or beat expectations, we’re making sure they’re rewarded.”

“We have quality perks,” Sabel added. “Good insurance. Good benefits. We’re constantly trying to improve, and now we’re able to. Morale is very good. We’re a family business, and we run it like a family business—where we take the time to get to know people, their families. I try to look out for my employees all the time.”

But Sabel Steel’s current employees aren’t the only ones who will benefit from tax reform and the booming economy. Sabel Steel also plans to reinvest its tax reform savings in its business by expanding and upgrading facilities in Newnan, Georgia, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and adding new equipment that will make its facilities more productive and innovative. Sabel also cites a new plasma machine it purchased for its plant in Theodore, Alabama—a machine that offers smoother and more efficient steel-cutting techniques. It also plans to make further upgrades to its equipment as needed.

To staff the expanded and upgraded facilities, Sabel Steel plans to hire more workers. Its recruitment effort focuses on talent, passion and integrity because Sabel Steel knows that, by starting with solid employees, it can train them on-site and equip them with the skills to do the jobs that the company needs. – July 11, 2018,  National Association of Manufacturers Shopfloor Blog article excerpt

SALUS (Manitou Springs, Colorado) manufactures health and beauty products:

“For our business, pennies add up,” Jerell Klaver, co-owner of SALUS, a 14-year old business that produces health and beauty products, said in a recent article on “If I can save a penny, it gets big really fast.” Taking advantage of the future deduction on equipment purchases, Jerell and Elissa Klaver did the math and hired an engineer to help make new manufacturing equipment for their company. All told, the couple expects to save between $500,000 and $1 million annually under the new law. – April 18, 2018, Capital One blog post excerpt

Sheffer Corporation (Cincinnati, Ohio) manufactures cylinders:

U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) today visited Sheffer Corporation, a premier cylinder manufacturing business based in Cincinnati, to tour the facility, meet with employees, and take part in the announcement of the business’s reinvestment into its workers. Sheffer Corporation announced that all 126 employees will be given $1,000 bonuses with the money the business expects to save as a result of the recently-signed tax reform law.

“The historic tax cuts that recently became law are already helping make a difference for middle-class families, creating more jobs, and increasing wages for Ohio workers,” said Portman. “Providing tax relief for middle-class families and reforming our business tax code to create more jobs and higher wages is long overdue, and I was proud to play a significant role in helping craft this law. I’m pleased that we’re already seeing a positive response as employers like Sheffer Corporation reward their workers with higher pay and bonuses—and increase their investments in their businesses and their communities. With the kinds of pro-growth reforms in this tax reform law, I expect this trend to continue in Ohio and across the country.”

“It was truly an honor to host a visit today from Senator Rob Portman,” said Sheffer Corporation President & CEO Jeff Norris. “Senator Portman along with his colleagues and President Donald Trump have been instrumental in bringing forward historic and new tax relief for American companies and for the American people. For many years, business owners have voiced concerns about the burdens associated with high taxes and over-regulation. It is my hope that others will follow and show support for Senator Portman and President Trump as they fight to lower our tax burdens and reduce regulations.” — Jan. 2, 2018 press release from the office of Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio)

Siemens (Tampa, Florida) – grand opening of a new $139 million manufacturing facility, 350 new jobs

Siemens and its partner Chromalloy Gas Turbine Corporation celebrated the grand opening of a new $139 million manufacturing facility in Florida. The state-of-the-art joint-venture, Advanced Airfoil Components, will manufacture innovative, high-tech casting components for Siemens gas turbines, and employ 350 workers.

Noting that Siemens has 60 manufacturing, digital and R&D sites across the United States, Lisa Davis, CEO Energy, Siemens AG, said today’s announcement “enhances what we see as our larger responsibility to the local communities where we have a presence: not just to create profit, but to create jobs, to spur economic growth and to support innovation.”

Siemens’ and Chromalloy’s investment comes at an important time for manufacturing workers in the United States. Manufacturers are more optimistic about their businesses and their futures than ever before, and pro-growth policies like tax reform and regulatory relief have unlocked a wave of big investments, new jobs and rising paychecks. – National Association of Manufacturers Shopfloor

Sko-Die (Morton Grove, Illinois) manufactures custom steel laminations and heavy gauge metal stampings 

Sko-Die has been in the Steininger family since its founding in 1947—and after 71 years in business, tax reform is allowing them to expand their facility, update their technology and reward their employees.

“The first thing I did when I found out what my tax savings would be? I took that money and gave a raise to all the employees,” said Sko-Die’s president, Patrick Steininger. “It came to about 3 percent per employee, on average.”

The total price for Steininger’s technology investment? “About $1 million.”

“Without tax reform, we wouldn’t have made these investments,” Steininger said. “Absolutely not.” – August 24, 2018, National Association of Manufacturers’ Shopfloor Blog excerpt

SmithCraft Signs (Phoenix, Arizona) manufactures exterior & interior signs, letters, graphics, vinyl, digital, wayfinding, lighted, LED, monument, neon and other signs:

MS. BERGSTROM:  Oh, thank you. Thank you Mr. President.  Wow. I’m Nicole, and I run Smithcraft Signs.  We are a veteran-owned, small manufacturing company.  We’re a job shop.

And what tax reform means for me is what we can do for our team.  To improve our capabilities, we’re buying new equipment. We issued a special bonus to our midlevel employees.

Deeann, in our accounting department told me that she is using the extra money for what she describes as a “dream bucket-list vacation” to visit her daughter who was recently discharged from the Navy who is now in Hawaii.

Phil and NOAZ is using the money for a bathroom remodel he has been planning for over 10 years.

I’ve very excited about what the future holds for us.  And again, so many thanks. –April 12, 2018, White House transcript

Southwire (Carrollton, Georgia) manufactures wire and cable solutions:

Southwire, North America’s leading manufacturer of wire and cable solutions, recently announced that it will reinvest approximately nine million dollars back into the lives, and pockets, of its employees, joining a growing list of companies that have made similar moves as a result of recent tax reform.

Full-time employees in the United States, will each receive a $1,000 bonus (USD), and full time employees outside of the United States will receive an equivalent supplement. Part-time employees will also receive a bonus payment of $250 USD or an international equivalent. These investments will impact the majority of Southwire’s nearly 7,500 employees.

In addition to the one-time bonuses, Southwire will expand its parental leave policy to assist eligible parents.

Southwire will also offer a bridge scholarship program for eligible hourly employees seeking to further their education through a two-year degree, four-year degree or technical certification. The company also announced that plans are in the works to make strong investments into new and existing industry partnerships. The purpose of these investments is to accelerate the attraction of diverse candidates into Southwire’s manufacturing and STEM careers. More information on these new programs will be available soon. – March 26, 2018 Southwire press release excerpts

Spectrum Adhesives, Inc. (Memphis, Tennessee) manufactures adhesives and sealants:

$500 bonuses for employees.

Spirit Aerosystems (Wichita, Kansas) manufactures aerostructures:

“In my community, Spirit AeroSystems announced new investments in training and technology.” – June 11, 2018, Rep. Ron Estes statement on U.S. House Floor

Starbucks Coffee Company (Seattle, Washington) manufactures coffee products:

“Starbucks has also reaffirmed their commitment to create more than 8,000 new part-time and full-time retail jobs and an additional 500 manufacturing jobs in its Augusta, Georgia soluble coffee plant.

For store partners, Starbucks has also expanded their parental leave policy to include all non-birth parents with up to 6 weeks of paid leave when welcoming a new child.” —Jan. 24 2018, Starbucks Coffee Company press release excerpt

Staub Manufacturing (Dayton, Ohio) manufactures sheet-metal brackets, mounts, enclosures, covers, frames, boxes, weldments and assemblies:

“After Trump’s tax cuts and reform legislation were enacted last year, Staub says he  was able to give larger than expected Christmas bonuses to his employees.” – Jan. 29 2018, WDTN Dayton 2 News

Suit-Kote Corporation (Cortland, New York) manufactures asphalt products:

Paul Walts is getting a raise this year, thanks to the GOP tax plan. So is Louis Morgan. So are about 800 other employees at Suit-Kote Corporation.

The Cortland paving company is doling out raises and retirement bonuses using money saved from the new Republican-led tax plan.

Walts, a dispatcher who’s been with the company 14 years, has three kids in college. He plans to put money aside to help pay for their education.

Morgan, too, said he’s going to save more and possibly take a vacation.

“You hear it’s in the pipeline and you hope it’s going to happen, but you don’t know how much it’s going to be,” Morgan said regarding the raises. “I’m definitely looking forward to it.”

Walts, Morgan and a few dozen other employees watched Thursday as President and CEO Frank Suits Jr. announced the wage hikes to media alongside U.S. Rep. Claudia Tenney.

The average raise, Suits said, will be about $1,400. The company also increased its 401K contributions by about $1 million. – Feb. 22, 2018 The Post-Standard article excerpt

The Belden Brick company (Sugarcreek, Ohio) — Made investments in new equipment and capital improvements because of tax reform.

“I want to thank Bob Gibbs for his role in the successful efforts to reduce taxes and regulations, said Bob Belden, chairman, president and CEO of The Belden Brick Company. These reforms have made it easier for The Belden Brick Company to invest in new equipment and capital improvements. His efforts are a key part of rebuilding and sustaining a healthier manufacturing climate in Ohio and across the United States.” — August 14, 2018 NAM Shopfloor Blog

Tingley Rubber Company (Piscataway, New Jersey) manufactures liquid proof protective footwear and clothing:

New Jersey based Tingley Rubber Corporation will be issuing all U.S. based employees one-time bonuses of $1,000 because of the recent tax reform passed by Congress.

Tingley’s ownership announced Thursday its plans to share some of the tax benefit directly with their employees to express the company’s gratitude. The 122-year-old, fifth generation family owned business joins many businesses across the country in giving employee bonuses after Congress passed a sweeping tax cut for businesses and individuals.

President Donald Trump signed a bill on December 22nd overhauling the nation’s tax code. One of the biggest changes included in the bill cuts the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent for qualifying corporations. The bill also restructures and lowers the seven personal income tax brackets.

Based in Piscataway, NJ the privately held Tingley Rubber Corporation announced the bonuses during an employee luncheon held on March 22nd. The $1,000 bonuses will also be eligible for the company’s 401(k) plan deferral with the standard corporate match.

“The economic development that should come as a direct result of the new tax reform legislation and deregulations will positively affect Tingley’s ability to grow its business.  The tax reform package will allow Tingley to invest more into our strategic initiatives, and better serve our customers, as well as our employees and shareholders,” said Owner and Chairman of the Board, Bruce McCollum.  Bruce’s son and owner JB McCollum said “We are excited for the opportunity to reward our dedicated and hard-working employees with this special bonus as a token of our gratitude.”

President & COO, Mike Zedalis, expressed his gratitude to the McCollum family and sees the new tax plan as a major boost to Tingley: “Our company continues to grow, and enhanced investment into our operations will always bring benefits to our customers, employees and shareholders.”

Tingley Rubber Corporation is a leading supplier of protective footwear and clothing and has been protecting generations of workers since 1896. — March 26, 2018 Tingley Rubber Corporation press release

Tremco Inc. (Cleveland, Ohio) manufactures roofing materials and services, construction sealants, glazing and gaskets, waterproofing systems, concrete admixtures and sealers:

Tremco is upgrading their equipment, hiring new workers, and reinvesting in their employees through increased contributions to employee retirement plans. I’m pleased that we continue to see these kinds of positive responses from Ohio businesses as a direct result of this tax reform law, and I believe this is only the beginning. – Jan. 12, 2018 United States Senator Rob Portman’s press release excerpt

Uelner Precision Tools & Dies (Dubuque, Iowa) manufactures tool and die, and stamping products:

tax reform bonuses to employees.

Utility Trench Technologies (Spokane, Washington) – The company was able to invest in its community because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act:

Tax reform is twofold for our small business because the 20 percent deduction allows us greater revenues without additional tax liabilities—of at least 20 percent—and in turn we will spend that extra revenue locally,” Angela Gibson, owner of Utility Trench Technologies based in Spokane, Washington, said in the survey. “This tax reform helps our customersalso.” – March 23, 2018, NFIB article.

Velvet Ice Cream Company (Utica, Ohio) manufactures ice cream:

The company is increasing wages for new employees by $1.10 per hour for full-time employees and by 50 cents per hour for seasonal summer workers. Velvet employs 125 full-time workers and 50 part-timers in the summer.

Velvet will fix the roof of the mill, installing natural shingles like the ones used 200 years ago, at a cost of about $60,000 to $80,000. The new warehouse management system will increase food safety, allowing products to be traced, in case of a safety issue. And, there will be ceiling, lighting and equipment upgrades in the manufacturing area

Warwood Tool (Wheeling, West Virginia) manufactures hand-forged steel tools:

The tax cuts have given the company and its customers enough optimism for the future that Warwood Tool is developing a new line of products. – May 3, 2018, The Intelligencer article excerpt

Webco Industries Inc. (Sand Springs, Oklahoma) manufactures specialty metal tubular products:

Webco Industries based in Sand Springs is the latest employer to give workers a bonus following the passage last year of the Trump Administration’s tax plan.

Webco says each employee was given $1,000 if they’ve been there for a year or more. Employees who have been there for a significant amount of time, were given $2,000.

Webco says they had more than a million dollars total to distribute to their employees, many of whom are in Sand Springs.

“The tax cuts and jobs act reduced corp tax rates, so that produced a significant amount of savings this year for Webco as our corporate tax bill was reduced,” said Mike Howard with Webco Industries.

These were one-time bonuses and impacted employees in Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Illinois, and Michigan. — March 7, 2018 News on 6 article excerpt

Windham Millwork (Windham, Maine) – increase workforce by 20 percent, $1 million facility expansion, employee bonuses, wage increases:

Windham Millwork in Windham, Maine is planning to increase its workforce by 20 percent (from 80 employees to 100) and start a $1 million expansion of its facility. It also gave an immediate bonus of $1,000 to its hourly employees and across-the-board pay increases that the company said were a “direct result” of tax reform. – Testimony of David Farr, Chairman and CEO, Emerson, before the House Ways and Means Committee excerpt


Winnebago Industries (Forest City, Iowa) manufactures motor homes:

“During the quarter, we recorded a tax reform benefit and expect a similar favorable tax rate for the remainder of Fiscal 2018.  We are committed to passing a portion of the tax savings to our hard-working Winnebago Industries employees in the form of a bonus and other selective wage adjustments, making a donation to our foundation, and accelerating facility improvements over the coming months which will create better work environments.  As always, I want to sincerely thank each and every one of our employees for their tremendous efforts and dedication to building a stronger future for our Company.” — March 21, 2018 statement of Winnebago Industries President and CEO Michael Happe, Second Quarter Fiscal 2018 announcement

Winton Machine (Suwanee, Georgia)  manufactures complete engineered solutions for tube and coax fabrication, including tube benders, tube cutters, coax benders and more:

“Tax reform is enabling companies to make significant capital investments, and it’s creating more business for us and other small manufacturers,” said Ms. Winton.

Winton anticipates making her own capital investments. “We’ll be replacing two machines in our factory,” she said. – May 1, 2018, National Association of Manufacturers article excerpt

Wirco Inc. (Avilla, Indiana) – $500 employee bonuses:

“Wright (Wirco Inc. owner) announced that he would be giving every Wirco employee a $500 bonus as a result of the savings the company would see from federal tax reform passed by Republicans in late 2017. Rokita, along with the rest of Indiana’s Republican delegation, had voted in favor of those large business tax rate cuts.” – Feb 19 2018, The News Sun powered by KPC news

Wolf Metals (Columbus, Ohio) manufactures a full line of fabrications including baskets, fixturing, furnace fans (new and rebuilt), furnace rolls, muffles, corrugated boxes, wrought and cast radiant tubes and retorts:

“Today, as a result of the new tax reform law, Wolf Metals was proud to announce its plan to purchase new equipment, including a water jet cutter first and then a press brake,” said Jim Wolf, Co-Founder and Owner. “This investment will help our company, help our workers, and help those who rely on us to deliver top-of-the-line product. I want to thank Senator Portman for coming to visit today and for his role in delivering historic tax relief for small businesses like ours who for too long have been saddled with burdensome taxes and over-regulation.” – Jan. 5, 2018 statement, press release of Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio)

Xante Corporation (Mobile, Alabama) manufactures printers for computers:

Mobile-based Xante Corp. handed out $1,200 bonus checks to most of its employees on Monday, as its CEO gave thanks to a Republican tax reform bill and Rep. Bradley Byrne.

Xante provides high-end printers and related software for use by professional graphics and printing operations. It employs a little over 100 people in Mobile and about 15 more in Europe. CEO Robert Ross said Monday that anyone who’d been with the company for a year or more was getting a $1,200 bonus, while those employed less than a year were getting a different amount.

Mobile employees whooped and cheered as Ross announced the windfall Monday morning. They also heard Ross explain that the company had additional plans for money saved as a result of tax cuts passed by Congress and signed into law by President Donald Trump in December. Among other changes, the tax bill significantly lowered the corporate tax rate. – Feb. 19, 2018 article excerpt

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