As written in our last blog post, many have seen that the President may have recently made some new illegal appointments to the NLRB.  These were unconstitutional appointments that the President called “recess appointments”.  Unfortunately for President Obama, the Senate was not actually in recess, this was just a tactic the White House used to pull a fast one on Congress.

In the last few days several organizations have put forth lawsuits against the President.  Three of the most important groups to mention are the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace, the National Right to Work Committee, and the National Federation of Independent Business.  Each of these groups are challenging that the appointments made by President Obama are not only frowned upon, but in fact are truly unconstitutional. 

According to the CDW website:

“CDW chairman Geoffrey Burr said, ‘The motion we filed today is a major step toward overturning the President’s ill-conceived and illegal efforts to ignore the Constitution. This act brazenly violates Constitutionally established separation of powers, all but ensuring that the rogue, anti-business agency continues uninterrupted in its pursuit of silencing the voices of employers in the workplace. Employers take matters before the NLRB seriously, but we take matters of core constitutional questions even more seriously and our action today is just the first step toward holding this administration accountable.’”

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The National Right to Work Committee says:

“Today, National Right to Work Foundation attorneys filed a motion in federal court challenging the legality of President Barack Obama’s recent purported recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).”

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The statement from the NFIB explains:

“Amending its existing challenge to the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) “Notice Posting Rule,” the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) today added new claims, alleging that the Board appointments issued on January 4, 2012, violate the Constitution. The amended complaint argues that the Board does not possess the authority to enforce the poster rule, as the agency is operating without a legal quorum since the three appointments last week are not permissible under the law.”

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We thank these groups for making the President explain himself.  There is no reason for these appointments to have been made behind the backs of Senators, unless Obama is trying to hide something.  Once these lawsuits have been addressed, the American people will have a chance to weigh Obama’s appointees.