At an Iowa Democratic Hall of Fame Event on June 8, Kamala Harris claimed that Donald Trump committed “tax fraud” by passing the TCJA.

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“He said he was for working people, then he passed a tax bill benefiting the top one percent and the biggest corporations in this country. That’s tax fraud,” Harris said during the event.

As a lawyer, Harris should know better than to misuse the term “fraud.” But speaking of dishonesty, Harris continues to mislead audiences about the GOP tax cuts, which benefited every income group in every congressional district

Harris is guilty of what the New York Times has described as “a sustained – and misleading – effort by liberal opponents of the law to brand it as a middle-class tax increase.”

When Joe Biden made a similar claim, saying that only high-income households received a tax cut, The Washington Post gave his claim four Pinocchios, noting it was “clearly false.” 

The Washington Post also stated: “Most Americans received a tax cut.”

As noted by the New York Times: “Most people got a tax cut.”

More evidence of the benefits flowing from the tax cuts can be found in a recent H&R Block report, which stated, “overall tax liability is down 24.9 percent on average.”

Over the course of the campaign, Kamala Harris has been running on repealing the TCJA, claiming three times that she’d repeal it “on day one.”

“On day one, we’re going to repeal that tax bill that benefited the top 1% and the biggest corporations in our country,” during a campaign stop in Birmingham, Alabama on Friday.

“On day one, we gonna repeal that tax bill that benefited the top one percent and the biggest corporations in this country,”  Harris said during a stop in New Hampshire on May 15.

While Harris was speaking at a NAACP fundraiser in May, she threatened to “get rid of the whole thing,” if elected president.

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