Many political activists, regardless of their ideologies, aim for huge rallies in front of the Capitol building to draw attention to their cause.  The folks at Rally for, however, have found a way to let concerned citizens show their support for American workers without having to trek across the country to DC.  They’ve constructed a “virtual national mall,” a website which features a constantly changing sample of attendee’s avatars; speech bubbles pop-up at random, showing a variety of comments, thoughts, and slogans from the virtual marchers.

Lasting from September 20th to the 24th, the goal of the online rally is to decry the Obama administration’s demonization of America’s energy infrastructure and to protest any new taxes on the nation’s oil and gas companies.  As Americans for Tax Reform has previously noted, a National Energy Tax or “Cap and Trade” bill would cost the US hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in lost productivity.  Given these stark numbers, Americans across the country have been attending rallies in their home states, protesting such damaging legislation in an already fragile economy.  At this National Mall in cyberspace, however, they can join together for a good cause without even leaving the house.  So far, over 165,000 people have signed up.

Clicking on various attendees’ pictures, you quickly find out how many Americans consider this an important issue.  Here’s just a sample of the many comments:

“Americans want jobs not higher taxes. Are you listening Washington? Oh and PLEASE end the moratorium, it's a job killer!!”

“The American dream must be built with American resources!”

“There’s work left to do! Tell Congress American prosperity depends on American energy!”

Good stuff.  If you support our energy industry, low taxes, and want to fight unemployment, you’ll want to join in the march at  See you there!