On Wednesday the Indiana House of Representatives passed a “Right to Work” bill with a vote of 54-44.  This legislation bars union contracts from requiring nonunion members to pay dues.  With the passage of this bill, Indiana will become the 23rd state to enact these rules.  Although this has not technically become law yet, as it still has to pass through the state senate and signed by the Governor, these steps are expected to follow very soon.

                Those who voted in favor of this legislation sighted the opinion that this is only what is fair.  There are people who do not need or want the services provided by a union, and therefore should not be required to pay for the membership.  Additionally, passing this legislation will make the state more attractive to new businesses.  Employers often respond well to states that follow the “right to work” legislation.  Republicans who voted in favor of this bill are comfortable in knowing that many employers will be looking at Indiana as a state for business.  Many economists have additionally supported this legislation sighting job creation as a much desired result.

                In the week before the bill was passed Indiana House Democrats boycotted meetings in order to prevent quorum from being achieved.  However, as they faced a fine of $1,000 per day for their lack of appearance, the Democrats finally showed up on Wednesday to take the vote.

                With the passage of this legislation in Indiana, we hope to see their neighbor, Michigan, take a more serious look at this measure. We applaud Indiana for braking down the barriers for “right to work” legislation.