The Hillary Clinton-endorsed soda tax was imposed by the Philadelphia City Council today on a 13- 4 vote. Philadelphians will now face a soda tax of 1.5 cents per ounce. The tax will increase the price of a 12-pack of soda pop by $2.16, directly affecting low and middle-income families. Clinton said she was “very supportive” of the tax.

Clinton endorsed the tax despite making a pledge to the American people that she will not raise taxes on anyone earning less than $250,000.

Bernie Sanders called out Clinton’s violation of her middle-class tax pledge. As reported by NBC News, Sanders said:

“Frankly, I am very surprised that Secretary Clinton would support this regressive tax after pledging not to raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000. This proposal clearly violates her pledge,” he said.

Sanders also said:

“The mechanism here is fairly regressive. And that is, it will be increasing taxes on low-income and working people.”

Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, said: “Hillary said she would cheerfully support tax hikes on low and middle-income American who drink soft drinks. What taxes on low-income Americans would she really oppose? Any?”

Further details about this and other Hillary Clinton tax hike endorsements can be found at Americans for Tax Reform’s dedicated website, www.HighTaxHillary.com