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The 2016 Presidential campaign is one unlike any before and we are certainly witnessing the change of the Democratic electorate. With presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) brining a new form of “outsider” energy to the DNC, Hillary Clinton is certainly facing much adversity on a large number of her stances from both Republican and Democrat voters. Clinton has yet to realize that some of her attacks, such as her recent attacks on hydraulic fracturing and coal miners, are not simply attacks on a small portion of voters, but affect a large number of the electorate.

Hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” has helped millions of Americans by bringing much need economic growth, lower energy prices for middle-class families, and jobs. Hillary Clinton, Obama and his army of EPA bureaucrats, have certainly made many attempts to over-regulate the production and distribution of affordable and reliable energy.

Fracking has increased economic opportunity for many people, especially those in key swing states such as Pennsylvania and Ohio, where fracking supports well over 250,000 jobs. Clinton has neglected the interests of these states, recently stating that once she begins regulating, “I do not think there will be many places in America where fracking will continue.” Her anti-energy policies are now showing through as she’s deadlocked with Donald Trump in both states.

Along with trashing the fracking, she has also put down the coal mining industry. Hillary Clinton is on the record “vowing to put coal miners…out of business.” Clinton is now illustrating that she has no regard for the middle-class with reckless statements such as this. With Obama and Clinton already teaming up on their infamous “carbon rule,” a Clinton White House would only be a continuation of Obama’s reckless, job-destroying, agenda.

With the continuation of attacks on affordable and reliable energy from Clinton, Obama, and unelected Bureaucrats, many may wonder how the electorate would respond.  According to NBC, Clinton received merely 86,354 votes on Tuesday’s loss to Senator Bernie Sanders in West Virginia. Based off records from the 2008 Clinton campaign, that is an outstanding 65% drop in support for Hillary Clinton. 

Voters are starting to realize that Clinton’s disrespect and total disregard for the energy will leave serious economic problems behind. For low to middle income families, Clinton’s outlandish proposals on energy would leave little to no disposable income with an increase of energy cost and the loss of thousands of jobs.


Photo credit: Marc Nozell