Good news and bad news for Hawaii taxpayers.

Good News: After a barrage of tax hikes were recently passed by the Hawaii Legislature, Governor Linda Lingle has announced her intent to veto most, if not all of them.  In fact, she has planned a combined veto ceremony and taxpayer rally tomorrow, May 7, for the public to come celebrate the tax hike vetos.  Details here and below:

When: Thursday May 7, 2009
Where: Hawaii State Capitol Rotunda

However, while the income, small business, property sale, and hotel tax hikes are definitely on the chopping block, the Governor has not yet committed to vetoing the cigarette and tobacco tax hikes.  Click here for ATR’s recent letter to Governor Lingle urging her to uphold her Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

Now the bad news: The Hawaii Legislature is strongly positioned to override the Governor’s vetoes.  In fact, they extended their regular session last week for the sole purpose of sticking around in case they needed to override her vetoes.  Needing a two-thirds vote, Democrats control the Senate 23 to 2 and the House 45 to 6.

Now is your chance to take a stand in Hawaii.  CLICK HERE to write your state legislator and urge them to oppose overriding the Governor’s vetoes and any new tax hikes.  Also, make sure that you, as well as friends and family, show up tomorrow to the tax rally/veto ceremony at the State Capitol to show the state legislature that tax hikes are not the answer to solving the state’s budget woes.