Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist joined Steve Forbes on Fox Business Network’s Evening Edit hosted by David Asman for a discussion on Barack Obama’s recent assertion claiming that conservative economic ideas are “elitist.”

Norquist noted that progressives are the actual elites:

“Elitism is not simply being able to cheat on the rules and make a little extra money. The real fun part of being elitist is telling everybody else what to do. And the modern Democratic Party wants to tell parents what school their kids will go to, what their kids will learn, the parents aren’t allowed to look at the books that their kids see, but they [elites] will tell them.

They want to tell you what kind of showerhead you can have. How you cook your food at home. They’re gonna micromanage what kind of stove you have. We just had a vote — all the Republicans voted to say no to the Biden administration telling you what kind of stove you can have for the rest of your life moving forth.

They want to tell you how much energy you could you, whether you can fly planes. The list of things that the elites want to tell everybody to do, that Biden and Obama want to mandate on everybody else is endless and it’s a joke for them to turn around and blame people who simply want to be independent contractors. They [elites] want to tell you you can’t, you have to have a boss.”

Norquist also highlighted the trend of states adopting a single-rate income tax:

“There are nineteen states that have a single-rate tax. So we know it works and more states are moving toward a single-rate tax, probably another ten states in the next ten years that will add to that. So most states will have a single rate tax for their income tax, why not at the federal level?”

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