Beware the Lame Duck… aka: The Zombie Congress.  According to The Hill, “A bipartisan pair of senators has urged President Obama’s debt commission to consider raising the gas tax to pay for infrastructure projects… Sens. Tom Carper (D-Del.) and George Voinovich (R-Ohio) have written to the chairmen of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform advocating for a 25-cent per gallon tax increase.”  Wasn’t November 2, 2010 about restoring fiscal sanity?  I guess they didn’t get the memo. 

From Politico’s ‘The Arena’, “Keith Olbermann a hypocrite?”  ATR president Grover Norquist responds, “Yes. Keith Olbermann is a hypocrite for attacking NewsCorp, the parent company for Fox News, for financially supporting the Republican Governor’s Association while he himself was sending cash to favored Democrat candidates… Everyone knows that Keith Olbermann is a left-of-center advocate. He is not, and does not pretend to be, a journalist or evenhanded reporter of the news. He is a left wing advocate. And for his team as good as it gets… Better to fight about real things. Should taxes go up? Should the government run your health care? It is less interesting to play gotcha.”

Also from Politico’s ‘The Arena’, “Will taxes rise in 2011?” Grover Norquist responds, “The Democrats have had control of the House and Senate for four years now. Every single morning they woke up and decided not to extend the tax cuts for anyone. Not for the rich. Not for the poor. For no one… If someone had spent four years not doing something…..would you say to yourself….I wonder when they are going to do this? …The Democrats may follow Cleopatra in preferring the asp now to parading through the streets of Rome in January.”