The Herald Online published the letter sent by Americans for Tax reform to Ohio state senators in opposition to a tax hike upon online travel companies: “Taxpayers Urge Ohio Senate to Oppose Hotel Occupancy Tax Hike (HB 59)”

“Additionally, the effort disregards the 1998 Internet Tax Freedom Act, which specifically prevents states and localities from applying discriminatory taxes – such as hotel taxes – to electronic commerce.

Online travel websites allow consumers to more easily find and make travel plans, promoting tourism and economic growth in Ohio.  This tax would discourage such tourism, negatively impacting the economy and jobs across the entire state of Ohio.”


ATR's Mattie Duppler Discusses the Expansion of IRS Authority

ATR's Budget and Regulatory Policy Director Mattie Duppler appeared on Fox Business Network's The Willis Report to discuss the increasingly broad and unchecked powers of the IRS.


The Daily Caller published a terrific column by Theo Caldwell on the failures of the IRS: “How to answer the IRS”

“But in saying little, Ms. Lerner spoke volumes.

It is a funny thing, the urgency and insistence with which the IRS demands particulars of citizens. We are expected to respond promptly to them — yet they decline to answer to taxpayers. The richest bit of all, of course, is they work for us, despite their misapprehensions to the contrary.”

View PDF here.