The Huffington Post published an Op-Ed by Grover Norquist on the positives of immigration and the need for reform: “People Are an Asset, Not a Liability”

“I believe people are an asset, not a liability. America is the most immigrant-friendly nation in the world and we are also the richest; that is not a coincidence. Immigrants have been coming to our shores since the Pilgrims landed and they bring with them determination, innovation, and the entrepreneurial spirit that built this great nation.”


Jennifer Rubin of The Washington Post included a quotation from ATR’s Josh Culling on Immigration Reform: “Breakthrough on immigration reform?”

“Josh Culling, a spokesman for the pro-immigration reform Americans for Tax Reform, told me, ‘This is more evidence that the bill’s proponents are open to improvements. In this case, Sen. Hatch recognized that the high-skilled component could be improved to make American companies even more competitive globally.” He added, “It’s also worth noting that the key opponent of this is the same old foil — the AFL-CIO — which has never wanted more legal immigration. Sen. Hatch went toe-to-toe with the unions and won, and we have a better bill because of it.’”


Dave Grant of The Christian Science Monitor published an article on the progress of the Immigration Reform Bill in the Senate

“A bill that would be the most sweeping rewrite of America’s immigration laws in two decades not only passed the Senate Judiciary Committee on a 13-to-5 vote Tuesday night, but also sustained no dramatic alterations to the bipartisan framework fashioned by the bill’s authors, the ‘Gang of Eight.’”

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