Americans for Tax Reform’s Patrick Gleason had an Op-Ed published in Forbes that explained the Growler Bill in North Carolina which will greatly help to grow their economy: “Politicians Foster A Craft-Beer Renaissance By Not Acting Like Politicians”

“The Growler Bill isn’t just a boon to brewers and beer nerds; the expansion of commerce it will generate is also good news for the state economy. ‘On-site growler sales would likely increase traffic and sales to local bottle shops, some of which already have taps in place for pint sales,’ wrote Charlotte Magazine’s Matt McKenzie.

The state’s breweries contributed over 65,000 jobs to the state and more than $7 billion to the state economy last year, according to the Beer Institute. Enactment of the Growler Bill will allow the industry to continue to thrive and help ensure that the state remains a craft beer epicenter in the future.”


TIME magazine took Grover Norquist and Alan Simpson to the National Zoo and wrote an article about the afternoon:

“We met by the Przewalski’s horse pen. The idea was simple. Bring together two bitter antagonists, in this case former Republican Sen. Alan Simpson and conservative tax activist Grover Norquist, and make them do something fun together that has nothing to do with their mutual animosities. My proposal: We spend a summer afternoon at the National Zoo, and see if everyone could behave while talking about tax policy.”


The Committee on Natural Resources named Americans for Tax Reform as a supporter of Republican Legislation to Expand American Energy:

“Americans for Tax Reform

‘The Obama administration's anti-growth policies that prohibit development of America's natural resources require legislative correction. Chairman Doc Hastings has introduced legislation that would replace the President’s 5-year offshore plan and allow job creators to safely produce oil and natural gas off our Outer Continental Shelf. I strongly urge all Members of the House to support these essential efforts.’”


The Idaho Statesman wrote the following article on Grover Norquist’s pro-immigration reform view since he was heading to the state to speak about it: “Norquist in Boise: Conservatives should embrace immigration reform”

“Norquist, arguably the single most important voice in branding the modern Republican Party around tax cuts, said low taxes and open immigration are at the heart of the American success story. Fixing the immigration system now will make the 11 million immigrants living in the shadows more productive and grow the economy by $2.5 trillion, he said.

‘We’re not doing it to win votes we’re doing it because it’s good economics,’ Norquist said.”


Another newspaper in Idaho, The Spokesman-Review also published an article on Grover Norquist’s support of immigration reform: “Anti-tax activist Norquist touts immigration reform”

“He [Grover] said as a free-market conservative, he believes immigration is one of the things that has made the United States great. ‘We’re going to dominate the future… because we are a country that does immigration well’ he said. ‘We do it better than everybody else, and we’ve done it much better than everyone else over the course of our history.”


Following Americans for Tax Reform’s release on the fact that sports teams may be creating commercials in support of Obamacare, CNS News wrote a subsequent story: “NBA MVP LeBron James Faces $157K Medicare Tax Hike Under Obamacare

“But Americans for Tax Reform says that the NBA should think twice before signing on, noting that NBA players already pay the highest marginal tax rate at both the federal and state level "prior to paying a ‘jock’ tax on away games."

‘While it is unclear whether prominent players – such as LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Kobe Bryant – would be featured in ad campaigns and whether the NBA logo would be attached to marketing tools, the league and its players should refuse the offer,’ ATR said  in a blog post Monday.”