Jon N. Hall of the American Thinker wrote a terrific Op-Ed that explained how the Marketplace Fairness Act is unconstitutional: “Internet Retailing Under the Marketplace Fairness Act”

“Our lawmakers think they can tax every transaction, every event, and, as seen in the current IRS scandal, every thought and prayer that occurs in America.  It’s high time to get back to limited government.”


Grover Norquist was quoted in this article by James L. Rosica of The Tampa Tribune:

“Even Amazon supports the bill, though not necessarily to be on the right side of history, suggests Grover Norquist, conservative activist and founder of Washington-based Americans for Tax Reform.
‘They want their competitors saddled with the same taxes,’ Norquist told the Tribune on Friday.
‘The bigger issue is, should politicians in one state be able to tax people in another?’ Norquist said. ‘Florida has a big interest in that answer being ‘no,’ because it’s a low tax state.’”


The Tampa Bay Times published an article by Michael Van Sickler about Grover Norquist’s recent tweet in recognition of Florida’s low taxes: “Grover Norquist has been watching Florida and he likes what he sees”

“So on Friday afternoon, it was paydirt for Florida House Republicans when, seemingly unprompted, Norquist touted Florida's low taxes in a tweet to his 49,694 followers.

‘How much bigger would your paycheck be if you lived and paid taxes in Florida?’ Norquist tweeted Friday, including a link to a graphic. It showed the income taxes those earning $40,000 would pay in states with Democratic-controlled Legislatures (New York, California, Illinois) vs. the zero dollars someone living in "Republican controlled" Florida pays for income taxes.”