Karen Tumulty of The Washington Post quoted Grover Norquist on the recent news break on NSA surveillance of all Americans:

 “‘When you give your government power, it’s for always. It’s not just for when your team is in office,’ said conservative activist Grover Norquist, who loudly criticized the domestic surveillance programs when they became public during the Bush administration. ‘And when you give people power, it demands to be used. . . . Obama was continuing and building on powers the Republicans demanded the government should have.’”


ATR's Mattie Duppler Discusses Immigration Reform and NJ Senate Race

About ATR's Director of Budget and Regulatory Policy Mattie Duppler appeared on MSNBC's The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd to discuss the prospects of immigration reform and what, if anything, the special election for the NJ Senate seat means for Governor Chris Christie

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Mattie Duppler Weighs In on the IRS Scandal

ATR's Budget and Regulatory Policy Director Mattie Duppler appeared on Foxnews' The O'Reilly Factor with Greg Gutfeld to discuss the latest IRS scandal and what it means for comprehensive tax reform.

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Belgrade, Serbia Taxpayer Rally (6/8/2013)

On June 8 in Belgrade, nearly 400 people took part in Serbia's first-ever taxpayer rally.

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