Darren Samuelsohn from Politico quoted Grover Norquist in his article about the left and the right joining together to fight for American principles of liberty: “Return of the liberal-tarians”

“‘You have people on the right who will listen to Rand Paul and Mike Lee. You have people on the left who will listen to Ron Wyden and Mark Udall. When they speak together, they’re seeing this as a broadly viewed thing. It’s not just my guy who sees it.’

Norquist noted left-right coalitions have worked to varying degrees of success to reform Pentagon spending, establish lawmaker term limits and lower mandatory minimum sentences for convicted users of crack cocaine.”


Grover Norquist Discusses the History of IRS Targeting


ATR President Grover Norquist tells Fox Business Network about the discrepancy between IRS targeting of conservative and liberal groups since the Clinton administration.

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