Following the Internet Sales Tax conference on Capitol Hill last week, Maguerite Higgins wrote the following blog post for The Heritage Foundation:

 “The MFA [Marketplace Fairness Act] ‘is not going to be much of a revenue source for states. It’s not federalism. And it’s not sustainable,’ said McAuliffe.

Plus, catalog and mail-order sales—which are especially popular for Americans older than 50—have been largely forgotten in the debate, Szabo noted. ‘Catalog sellers will have to custom print their catalogs by locality to comply with the new tax law, and how will they make up that cost? By passing it down to consumers through higher prices,’ he told the crowded room in the Rayburn House office building.”

With Congress caught up in the Farm Bill this week, Guiseppe Macri of The Daily Caller wrote the following article on the “wasteful spending cuts” the Republican House is pushing for:

“The program’s taxpayer-funded cost quadrupled over the past decade, including an additional $1.3 billion to subsidize private insurance companies at a higher rate than the industry average to cover crops.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates the 2013 farm bill will cost about $964 billion and save $35 billion in post-sequestration deficit spending.”

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