Sarah Hurtubise from The Daily Caller wrote an article highlighting the opposing arguments of Grover Norquist and Art Laffer on the Marketplace Fairness Act: “Laffer vs. Norquist: Reagan supply-siders spar over online sales tax”

“Laffer emphasized that he agrees with Norquist that ‘taxes should not be raised,’ but said stopping the online sales taxes wouldn’t prevent other more harmful tax increases.

Norquist countered that states were unlikely to decrease income taxes in response to an expanded sales tax base. He told TheDCNF that ‘people who think the best way to tame one tapeworm is to swallow a second one are missing something.’”


Newsmax’s Todd Beamon and John Bachman wrote a story on the disagreement between Grover Norquist and Rep. Steve King:

“Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, charged in an exclusive Newsmax interview on Wednesday that King, one of immigration reform's strongest House opponents, ‘could have been a senator if he hadn't self-identified as anti-immigrant.

‘He's not electable statewide,’ he said. ‘The cost of Steve King is that he can be a congressman but never anything else. Never a governor.  Never a senator — and other congressmen want to vote for what's good for the country, not just what's good for the politics of their monochromatic districts.’"