Recently Grover Norquist sat down with the Orlando Sentinal editorial board to discuss the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and other issues. Below is an excerpt from the interview.

            “Q: Most people know you from the pledge. Former Wyoming Republican Sen. Alan Simpson has called it a "no taxes under any situation even if your country goes to hell" pledge. Do you think that's fair?

A: It's kind of inaccurate in several ways. It's not no taxes. [It's] no increases in taxes. No net increases in taxes. The pledge has led the Republican Party to dominance in the House, to a much stronger position nationally and to much more successful governors and state legislators. Those people who have walked away from the pledge, or in the case of [President George H. W. Bush] broken it, have found out that it is bad policy — Bush hurt the economy when he raised taxes — and it's bad politics to raise taxes. The pledge has tremendously strengthened the modern Republican Party. We haven't had a Republican in Washington vote for an income-tax increase since 1990.”

Chloe Morrison of the wrote an article entitled “Volkswagen neutrality questioned as union election is fast-tracked.” The article featured Center for Worker Freedom’s Executive Director, Matt Patterson.

            “Although (Mike) Burton is a VW employee and said he is representing about 600 other employees, some outside groups, such as Matt Patterson—executive director for the Washington, D.C.-based Americans for Tax Reform's Center for Worker Freedom—have been active in the discussion.”

The Tennessean published an article entitled “Six Issues for Haslam’s State of the State Address.” One of the issues is Tennessee’s Hall Tax. ATR has been very active in pushing to eliminate the tax.