Today ATR’s Center for Worker Freedom announced a new radio campaign in Chattanooga. The transcript of the 30-second spot is as follows:

"The UAW wants you to believe that VW employees are deciding whether or not to have a German-style works council.


The UAW is the only thing on the ballot.  The same union that bankrupted GM and Detroit.  The truth is, workers don't need the UAW to form a works council, and VW doesn't need a works council to make cars.

Chattanooga isn't Germany, or Detroit.

At least, not yet.

Paid for by Americans for Tax Reform."

The full spot can be heard on YouTube, set to a slideshow of Center for Worker Freedom billboards, here:

The ad will run in morning and afternoon drive times on some of Chattanooga's most popular radio stations through February 14, including:

WDEF-AM News Talk

WGOW -AM News Talk

WGOW-FM News Talk



WUSY-FM Country

WUUQ-FM Country