This weekend, Budget Chairman Paul Ryan took to the Sunday shows to discuss the budget plan he will release tomorrow. While he didn't reveal exact details on his plan – referring instead to the $4 trillion that will be saved by commonsense entitlement reform – his comments give taxpayers every reason to expect his budget proposal will take a significant step towards improving the country's fiscal health. When pressed by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday as to how his plan will encourage government solvency without increasing revenue, Rep. Ryan replied:

We don't have a tax problem. The problem with our deficit is not because Americans are taxed too little. The problem with the deficit is because Washington spends too much money. We have got to stop spending money we don't have. So, we're not going to go down the path of raising taxes on people and raising taxes on the economy. We want to go after the source of the problem; that is spending. We want pro-growth job reform for job creation, economic growth. not for tax increasing.

This is exactly right; it is a fact unfortunately ignored by both the President's Debt Commission and the Obama Administration's budget proposal, both of which propose raising trilions in new taxes to fund continued government bloat. We look forward to the release of the Republican budget tomorrow – in the meantime, be sure to watch the entire clip of Rep. Ryan's appearance is below.