Telecom Taxes are on the forefront in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire.   Both states’ legislatures are looking at bills would affect citizens in a immense way.  

The Pennsylvania State Legislature is considering a bill that would impose a 65% fee increase on wireless and VoIP customers. 

Grover Norquist, President, Americans for Tax Reform, wrote a letter urging Pennsylvania lawmakers to oppose House Bill 911.  Norquist explains:

“The 911-fee increase from $1.00 to a $1.65 will raise $114 million across all phone services, resulting in a $78 million increase on wireless customers alone. These taxes are not only disproportionate in relation to other taxes, but also in relation to Pennsylvania’s population.”

Americans for Tax Reform opposes House Bill 911.

Conversely, New Hampshire House Bill 391, which implements a point of sale collection mechanism for New Hampshire’s 911 fee on prepaid wireless customers has already passed the House.  The Senate will begin consider of the bill on Wednesday, April 22nd.  In a letter to New Hampshire State Senators, Americans for Tax Reform President, Grover Norquist, expressed support for this legislation:

” Point–of–sale tax collection for 9-1-1 taxes owed on prepaid wireless services is the most equitable way to collect these taxes.  Legislation that affects this type of assessment creates a new method of collection, but in our view does not raise taxes on the citizens of New Hampshire.”

You can read Mr. Norquist’s letter to the members of the Pennsylvania House here

You can read Mr. Norquist’s letter to members of the New Hampshire State Senate here.