Congressman David Rouzer (R-N.C.) recently introduced H.R. 1206, the “No Hires for Delinquent IRS Act.” This common-sense legislation prevents the IRS from hiring additional employees until the Secretary of the Treasury confirms that no current employee of the IRS has a seriously delinquent tax debt. ATR supports this legislation and urges all members of Congress to vote for and otherwise support this bill.

H.R. 1206 holds IRS employees to a fair standard and ensures that the workforce practices what it preaches. Each year, IRS employees are expected to process the tax returns of millions of Americans from across the nation. In the process, they come across the confidential information of taxpayers, and must be trusted to perform this task in a responsible manner.

Recently, it was revealed that the agency has failed to properly discipline employees that “willfully violate tax law.” Despite being legally required to fire employees who committed this serious transgression, only 25 percent of employees were terminated. Clearly, it is time for the agency to clean up its act. This legislation will help hold the IRS accountable to the American people and ensure that its employees act in a responsible way. ATR fully supports this legislation and urges all members to support it.