On June 15, Representative Steve King (R-Iowa) introduced H.R. 2777, The Social Security Integrity Act.  This legislation is a response to an investigation into the Social Security Administration and its failure to maintain proper death records, leaving it vulnerable to mass cases of fraud.  

Americans for Tax Reform has recognized this important issue in the past.  ATR noted several cases of blatant fraud, particularly an instance of the SSA giving money to a beneficiary allegedly born in 1896.  

Representative King explains, “Taxpayers deserve the assurance that the actions necessary to uphold the integrity in the payment of federal benefits is maintained. My bill stops fraudulent payments and enforces more transparency within the Social Security Administration.”

Americans for Tax Reform supports H.R. 2777 as a regulatory reform that will lessen the tax burden on American families by cutting wasteful spending.  We urge Congress to act swiftly on this important issue.