With the New Hampshire, Delaware, and Rhode Island primaries taking place Tuesday, Americans for Tax Reform has released an updated list of incumbents and challengers for state legislative and state-wide office in each of these states who have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. These candidates have made a written commitment to their constituents to oppose any and all efforts to increase taxes. ATR strongly encourages taxpayers to consider those who have made this commitment when they vote on Tuesday, September 11. The list of incumbents and challengers who have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and will be on the ballot Tuesday is as follows:

New Hampshire Incumbents

Jeb Bradely (S-3 Carroll)
Jeanie Forrester (S-2 Belknap and Grafton)
Nancy F. Stiles (S-24 Rockingham)
Russell Prescott (S-23 Rockingham)
86 House members of 400
Donald Andolina (H-6 Strafford)
Jason P. Antosz (H-9 Rockingham)
Kevin A. Avard (H-28 Hillsborough)
Gary Azarian (H-8 Rockingham)
Al Baldasaro (H- 5 Rockingham)
J. Michael Ball (H-9 Hillsborough)
Ronald Belanger (H-8 Rockingham )
Jerry Bergevin (H-45 Hillsborough)
Spec Bowers (H-2 Sullivan)
Lester W. Bradley (H-6 Grafton)
John A. Burt (H-6 Hillsborough)
John Cebrowski ( H-7 Hillsborough)
Gene Chandler (H-1 Carroll)
Jenn Coffey (H-1 Merrimack)
Tim Comerford (H-33 Rockingham)
Gary Daniels (H- 40 Hillsborough)
Russell Day (H-7 Hillsborough)
Robert Elliott (H-8 Rockingham)
Susan Emerson (H-11 Chesire)
Susan DeLemus (H-11 Strafford)
J.B. Duarte (H-2 Rockingham)
Beverly Ferrante (H-6 Rockingham)
Robert Fesh (H-6 Rockingham)
Dennis H. Fields (H-4 Belknap)
Edmund Gionet (H-5 Grafton)
Brandon Giuda (H-20 Merrimack)
Robert Greemore (H-2 Belknap)
Mary E. Griffin (H-7 Rockingham))
Warren Groen (H-10 Stafford)
Bob Haefner (H-37 Hillsborough)
Joseph Hagan (H-4 Rockingham)
John Hikel (H-6 Hillsborough)
Gregory Hill (H-3 Merrimack)
Edith Hogan (H- 34 Hillsborough)
Karen K. Hutchinson (H-5 Rockingham)
Will Infantine (H-13 Hillsborough)
Robert Introne (H-5 Rockingham)
Laura Jones (H-24 Strafford)
Walter Kolodziej (H-7 Rockingham)
Don LeBrun (H-32 Hillsborough)
Robert Luther (H-3 Belknap)
Michael McCarthy (H-28 Hillsborough)
Jeanine Notter (H-21 Hillsborough)
Lynne Ober (H-37 Hillsborough)
Russell T. Ober (H-37 Hillsborough)
William O’Brien (H-5 Hillsborough)
Bill O’Connor (H-4 Strafford)
Bill Ohm (H-36 Hillsborough)
Barry Palmer (H-32 Hillsborough)
Stephen Palmer (H-23 Hillsborough)
Matt Quandt (H-18 Rockingham)
Dennis Reed (H-2 Merrimack)
Andrew Renzullo (H-37 Hillsborough)
Beverly T. Rodeschin (H-6 Sullivan)
John B. Sedensky, PhD (H-13 Rockingham)
Carl Seidel (H-28 Hillsborough)
Steven Smith (H-11 Sullivan)
William Smith (H-24 Rockingham)
Kathleen Souza (H-43 Hillsborough)
Kathleen Stroud (H-21 Hillsborough)
Steve Vaillancourt (H-15 Hillsborough)
Moe Villeneuve (H-7 Hillsborough)
Mark Warden (H-39 Hillsborough)
Steve Winter (H-5 Merrimack)
Colette Worsman (H-2 Belknap)

New Hampshire Challengers

Ovide Lamontagne (Gov.)
Sam Cataldo (S-6)
William Grimm (S-7)
Michael F. Kenney (S-9)
Howard Pearl (S-17)
John Reagan (S-17)
Phil Greazzo (S-20)
Bruce Hodgdon (H-1 Rockingham)
Antonio J. Luciani (H-2 Strafford)
Kenneth A. Deshaies (H-3 Belknap)
L. Mike Kappler (H-3 Rockingham)
Glenn Cordelli (H-4 Carroll)
Dan Dumaine (H-4 Rockingham)
William L. O’Brien (H-5 Hillsborough)
Richard Meaney (H-6 Hillsborough)
Jim Webb (H-6 Rockingham)
Keith Murphy (H-7 Hillsborough)
Kelleigh D. Murphy (H-7 Hillsborough)
R. Christopher Richards (H-7 Hillsborough)
Mark Samsel (H-7 Rockingham)
Omer F. Beaudoin (H-8 Hillsborough)
Jane Cormier (H-8 Belknap)
Zulfaigar Shaikh (H-9 Merrimack)
Harry Accornero (H-9 Belknaop)
Robert Hull (H-9 Grafton)
Douglas Whitfield (H-9 Hillsborough)
Dick Thackson (H-10 Cheshire)
Michael J. Walsh (H-10 Cheshire)
John Callahan III (H-11 Hillsborough)
Shuvom Ghose (H-11 Hillsborough)
Susan DeLemus (H-11 Strafford)
Kevin Moore (H-18 Merrimack)
Phil Straight (H-19 Hillsborough)
Daniel Oberlander (H-21 Hillsborough)
Lenette M. Peterson (H-21 Hillsborough)
Stephen B. Stepanek(H-22 Hillsborough)
John F. Martin (H-23 Merrimack)
Shawn Sweeney (H-23 Hillsborough)
Dick Marple (H-24 Merrimack)
Len Turcotte (H-25 Strafford)
Al Jones (H-28 Merrimack)
Doris Hohensee (H-30 Hillsborough)
David Murotake (H-32 Hillsborough)
Timothy P. Comerford (H-33 Rockingham)
Greg Surbey (H-33 Hillsborough)
Jacqueline Casey (H-34 Hillsborough)
Marie N. Sapienza (H-34 Rockingham)
Willard Brown (H-36 Hillsborough)
Bob Goodman (H-36 Rockingham)
Rich LeVasseur (H-37 Hillsborough)
Mark Warden (H-39 Hillsborough)
Benjamin Linn (H-40 Hillsborough)
Laurie Sanborn (H-41 Hillsborough)
Andre Martel (H-44 Hillsborough)
Matthew Swank (H-45 Hillsborough)
Keith Hirschmann (H-45 Hillsborough)

Delaware Incumbents

Robert Venables, Sr. (S-21)
Colin Bonini (S-16)
Harvey Kenton (H-36)
Michael Ramone (H-21)

Rhode Island Incumbents

Francis Maher, Jr. (S-34)
Michael Pinga (S-9)
Beth Moura (S-19)
Dr. Christopher Ottiano (S-11)
Glen Shibley (S-33)
Michael Chippendale (H-40)
Joseph Trillo (H-24)