County Commissioners in Seminole County, Florida are asking taxpayers to fork over more money to pay for special projects after a series of “temporary” sales tax increases expired in 2012. County commissioners at the time decided not to renew the 10-year sales tax increase because they had at least $40 million in reserves. 

After spending nearly all of it, they’re asking voters to approve a measure on the May 20 special election ballot that would raise the sales tax to 7 cents on the dollar for another 10 years, yielding more than $630 million in higher taxes for the county to spend. Americans for Tax Reform opposes the massive tax hike and has launched a campaign to educate voters about where their money is going and convince them to reject the “Penny Tax.” 

A recording of the first call to registered voters can be heard here

“Hi, this is Linda Adams from Americans for Tax Reform calling to alert you to a tax increase on the May 20th ballot in Seminole County. The “Penny Tax” is a massive $631 million sales tax increase. County Commissioners took millions from the last tax increase meant for roads and spent it on the federal SunRail train project. They can’t be trusted to spend your money the right way. If you’re sick of getting nickel and dimed, vote AGAINST the Penny Tax. This call was paid for by Americans for Tax Reform.”

The two 10-year sales tax increases that ran back to back took hundreds of millions of dollars from Seminole County taxpayers to fund a number of special interest projects. The first tax increase from 1991-2001 redirected $46 million for the federal train project known as SunRail, $36 million of which was spent between 2011-2013, according to an analysis of SunRail contributions remitted to FDOT from the county. That tax increase was designed to improve roads and safety but some was spent on SunRail, which was neither. 

Voters and taxpayers alike should be suspicious about what County Commissioners claim their tax dollars are being spent on. An audit report released Tuesday shoes that Seminole County had a balance of more than $210 million as of last September. As the Orlando Sentinel notes, “county officials say that money already is set aside for projects.” Voters should demand more transparency than a promise that $210 million in funds is already dedicated to projects. 

Don’t get nickel and dimed, vote against the Seminole County “Penny Tax.” 

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