Americans for Tax Reform would like to applaud the 18 Taxpayer Protection Pledge signers in the Virginia House of Delegates who stood firm against a $6.1 billion tax increase. These lawmakers serve as an example of what legislative leadership looks like. When presented with a bill that was a massive tax increase, that was not posted online for the people of Virginia to see, these 18 lawmakers stood for what was right and said no to HB 2313. 

The 18 Pledge signers who kept their Pledge are as follows:

Robert Bell (H-58)

Kathy Byron (H-22)

Ben Cline (H-24)

Mark Cole (H-88)

Barbara Comstock (H-34)

C. Todd Gilbert (H-15)

Greg Habeeb (H-8)

Tim Hugo (H-40)

Steve Landes (H-25)

Scott Lingamfelter (H-31)

Robert G. Marshall (H-13)

Israel O’Quinn (H-5)

Chris Peace (H-97)

David Ramadan (H-87)

R. Lee Ware, Jr. (H-65)

Michael J. Webert (H-18)

Tony Wilt (H-26)

Tommy Wright (H-61)

Americans for Tax Reform and taxpayers across the Commonwealth of Virginia thank you.