WISCONSIN – Althouse & Boots and Sabres

During these chaotic times in Wisconsin, independent bloggers like Anne Althouse and Jed and Owen at Boots and Sabres are there live reporting developments in state teachers’ “sick days” at the Capitol. Throughout the week, Althouse has been getting up close and personal with union protesters, chronicling the unfolding events from the ground. Boots and Sabres have been chronicling the mess in Madison with daily analysis as well as rounding up statewide political developments. Check out both blogs’ continuing coverage on Wisconsin politics.

WISCONSIN – James Wigderson

Also chronicling the situation in Wisconsin is James Wigderson, a blogger from Waukesha, WI. This week, Wigderson posted an editorial on Gov. Scott Walker’s budget, which takes serious steps at solving the state’s fiscal emergency without raising taxes. For commentary on continuing developments in Wisconsin, read Wigderson’s blog.

FLORIDA – The Lunch Counter

Last week, The Lunch Counter’s Ross Calloway went into the details of President Obama’s 2012 budget. Calloway argues that, contrary to his rhetorical promises, President Obama failed to tackle Washington’s biggest problem – the spending. Calloway points out that both mandatory and discretionary spending have risen and will continue to rise under Obama’s proposed budget. He also points out that Obama’s only real policy change proposals are tax hikes.

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