Christoper Prandoni, Executive Director of the Alliance for Worker Freedom, has written a letter to U.S. Senators urging them to to support Senator Isakson’s SJ Res 30, which condemns the National Mediation Board’s (NMB) decision to ease unionization standards for airline and railway employees.

Overturning more than 75 years of precedent, the three person board unilaterally repealed the "Majority Rule" regulation for unions, whereby a majority of a whole body of workers must approve unionization.  Under NMB's new policy, a majority is needed only of the voting members themselves, skewing the process far in favor of the already powerful unions.

The Alliance for Worker Freedom stands firm with Sen. Isakson in opposition to a descision which puts union bosses ahead of workers who wish to remain independent.  Mr Prandoni had this to say:

Since the creation of the National Mediation Board in 1934, a majority of transport workers’ votes has been required to form a union. Last year, the AFL-CIO viewed this traditional voting practice as an impediment to their unionization efforts and lobbied the NMB to amend this practice. The NMB complied with the AFL-CIO’s request and in May ruled that union elections for workers subject to the Railway Labor Act should be decided by only a majority of workers who cast ballots, not total company workers. This move would make it substantially easier for unions to win elections and could encourage deceptive election practices.

Overturning seventy-five years of precedent and two Supreme Court rulings, the National Mediation Board has overstepped its understood authority. Although frequently challenged, numerous institutions, under both Democrat and Republican Administrations, upheld the “majority rule” practice. The Supreme Court twice ruled in favor of “majority rule” unionization election standards.

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