Some suggest that it will be a political liability if Democrats don’t pass health care reform.  But maybe passing health care reform would be even worse. 

After all, If I were a Democrat in a red district that supported McCain in ’08, and I had just cast my vote for a horrendous health care bill, I might be a little worried about what will happen in 2010.  But really, I shouldn’t be.  Just ask Marjorie.

Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky, that is.  She’s known as MMM in her home state of Pennsylvania, and she has been through all of this before: she voted for President Clinton’s unpopular budget in 1993, and was summarily ousted.  But her life tells an encouraging story to those who vote for massively unpopular programs: retirement can be cushy.

She may be willing to give some advice to politicians about life-after-Congress.  Life goes on after losing your seat!  Even if you make bad decisions and vote with your ridiculous party leadership, all is not lost: you can always teach at a university.  MMM is currently working as chair of the Women’s Campaign International, a group that provides advocacy training for women throughout the world. She is also a professor at the Fels Institute of Government at the University of Pennsylvania.  Not too shabby.

Then there’s always lobbying.  Politicians make very good lobbyists—and they also make good journalists and commentators.  I mean, if you’re looking for hot air, they are it!  You could write a book too—or maybe start a new foundation.  Think tanks are hiring, I’m sure.

So go ahead—vote with Pelosi.  Retirement isn’t all that bad.

Here are some of the Democrats who voted ‘Yes’ on PelosiCare from vulnerable districts.

Vic Snyder AR-2
Jerry McNerney CA-11
Alan Grayson    FL-9
Bill Foster      IL-14
Baron Hill      IN-9
Mark Schauer MI-7
Carol Shea-Porter NH-2
Dana Titus NV-4
Tim Bishop NY-1
Mike Arcuri NY-24
Steve Driehaus OH-1
Mary Jo Kilroy OH-15
Zack Space OH-18
Chris Carney PA-10
Thomas Perriello VA-5
Steve Kagen WI-9