The Daily Caller and Americans for Tax Reform Foundation (ATRF) today announced that they will partner to produce an innovative and web-based Republican Presidential Primary Debate on Sunday, July 10, supported by technology from YouTube.  The two-hour debate will be moderated by The Daily Caller’s Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson and ATRF president Grover Norquist and will be streamed live on YouTube. 

“For Republican candidates seeking to appeal to conservatives, this debate offers an opportunity to hear from engaged primary voters,” said Tucker Carlson.  “Social media allows voters to engage candidates directly.  Conventional debates keep viewers at bay as observers. This debate will make them participants.”

For the first time this cycle, ATRF and The Daily Caller will be using YouTube’s platforms to transform the debate from a passive experience to an active, participatory process where they're connecting and engaging voters across the country.  This live forum will feature citizens’ video questions submitted via YouTube, which will be answered by the candidates.  

“This debate will focus on economics and the ongoing destruction of American jobs by the current Administration,” said Norquist.  “Real Republicans will ask real questions without the filter of establishment media bias.”

In addition to the live airing on, the debate will be broadcast on CBS affiliate KLAS and streamed at the  The debate will be held in the Milan Ballroom at the M Resort Spa and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada from 9- 11:00 p.m. (EDT).   

Beginning Friday, July 1, people will be able to submit video questions by visiting and