The message from President Obama to young people is clear: thank you for voting for me. Now PAY UP!!!!!

The Washington Post today reported on how young people will be forced to pay a dispropritionally high amount in health coverage if Obamacare is passed, stating that they could "wind up paying disproportionately hefty premiums — effectively subsidizing coverage for their parents".

As one commentator translated: "In other words, we’re going to require young people to get health insurance not so much because they need it, but because we need their money."

Cato’s Dan Griswald has detected a pattern: "Those same young workers will be forced to pay the bills for soaring Social Security and Medicare expenditures when the Baby Boomers begin retiring en masse a decade from now. And of course, they will be the ones paying off the $9 trillion in additional federal debt expected to be wracked up from the current explosion in federal spending."